What to Expect in a Car Accident Lawsuit in Georgia Superior Courts

Superior courts have general jurisdiction because the law empowers these judges to hear a variety of cases. Every county in Georgia has a superior court, and a plaintiff should file their suit in this court if they believe that their losses total to more than $15,000. It is important to understand the procedures associated with these courts. For this reason, you should contact a personal injury attorney who can advise you on what to expect in a car accident lawsuit in Georgia superior courts.

How Long Does it Take to Litigate in a Superior Court?

When pursuing compensation for a car accident lawsuit through superior court, plaintiffs should anticipate that their cases will take some time to reach the trial stage. After the claimant initiates their lawsuit and the defendant responds, there is a period of discovery where each party has the opportunity to inspect evidence and examine witnesses the other side intends to use.

During and after the discovery process, there may be one or more hearings that take place to resolve substantive legal issues or procedural matters. If either party requests a trial by jury, this process may take even more time for the court to schedule a car accident case for trial. It is not uncommon for cases to take six months to one year or more before they reach trial in superior court.

Importance of an Attorney When Brining a Case to Superior Court

Not only may a claimant’s case take longer to reach trial, but they may notice proceedings in superior court are more formal than they are in magistrate court. Pleadings and motions may need to comply with local rules and practices, and judges may strictly enforce the rules of evidence.

Superior courts also hold those individuals who choose to present their own car accident cases to the same standards as licensed attorneys. These formal proceedings may make it more critical for injured parties to retain qualified legal counsel who can assist them through the recovery process for a car wreck lawsuit in a Georgia superior court. Failing to respond to a defendant’s motions appropriately, or forgetting to file a pleading, may have adverse consequences to someone’s claim.

Speak with an Attorney to Find Out What to Expect in Car Accident Case in a Georgia Superior Court

If you are considering filing a lawsuit for compensation in a superior court, you should first speak with an experienced lawyer. An attorney may inform you on what to expect in a car accident lawsuit in a Georgia superior court and how to proceed with your case. For more information, speak with one of our caring attorneys today.