Case Manager

What is the job of a Case Manager?

Case Manager works independently or with Intern, Team Legal Assistant and Assistant Case Manager to assist Junior Paralegal or Senior Paralegal with all aspects of managing a personal injury file.

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Core functions of the Case Manager include:

  • Handles Intake
  • Reviews sign-up packages for missing information and gather them accordingly
  • Identifies weaknesses and proposes resolutions for liability, causation and damages
  • Conducts the initial introduction call to the client with the Assistant Case Manager within one (1) day of engagement
  • Ensures that welcoming letters for Case Manager and Attorney are mailed within three (3) days of engagement;
  • Identifies liability carrier(s) and underinsured carrier(s)
  • Calculates the available insurance coverage within thirty (30) days
  • Identifies health insurance carrier, Medicaid and Medicare
  • Assists in entering file into case management software consistently and correctly
  • Coordinates with client and adjuster for the property damage claim within twenty (5) days of engagement
  • Reviews each file every fourteen (14) days
  • Updates each client every fourteen (14) days
  • Assists in receiving mails and scanning into case management software
  • Assists in sending mails
  • Assists in calendaring appointments
  • Discusses with Paralegal and/or Attorney and direct treatment plans based on liability, causation, damages and available insurance coverages
  • Updates Adjuster on change in treatment status in writing
  • Requests for medical records and bills within five (5) days of client release from treatment from each provider
  • Ensures that medical records and bills are received within forty-five (45) days of requests
  • Ensures that exhibits for demand package is complete within fifty-five (55) days of release from treatment
  • Communicates with Junior Paralegal, Senior Paralegal and Attorney with status of case
  • Prepares and sends demand package within one (1) day of receipts of completion of demand exhibits
  • Follow up with Adjuster within ten (10) days of the date Adjuster receives demand package
  • Gathers and relays offers to Attorney
  • Assists in preparing counter demands for Attorney
  • Gathers medical liens and health insurance reimbursements
  • Assists in negotiation of medical liens and insurance reimbursements
  • Documents case expenses
  • Disburses settlement proceeds to clients
  • Update Paralegal and Attorney on files that are two (2), four (4) and six (6) months out from the 2-year Statutes of Limitations
  • Assists in closing files
  • Reports to the Junior Paralegal or Senior Paralegal

A Case Manager must possess the following traits:

  • ​A positive mindset
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to actively listen
  • Discipline
  • Diligent work ethic
  • Exceptional organization skills
  • High ability to collaborate and work in teams
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Excellent knowledge of the personal injury process.

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