What is the job of a Team Attorney?

Team Attorney shall manage all Personnel in his/her Team and ensure that every part of their block of business is moving forward, according to the Firm’s benchmarks.

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Core functions of the Attorney include:

  • Consults and sign up clients
  • Sends “no, thank you” letters to prospects that Firm did not engage or “acknowledgement of engagement” letters to referring attorneys
  • Manages client files for referral to and referral from
  • Strategize client’s treatments based on impact, liability, causation, damages and available insurance;
  • Ensures that all governmental notices are met
  • Reviews and signs demands
  • Negotiates settlements
  • Negotiates medical liens and all other medical expense of each file
  • Coordinate with the COO and CFO for disbursements
  • Reviews and signs Summonses and Complaints
  • Reviews and signs discovery requests
  • Ensures that suit is filed timely
  • Ensures service perfection is timely
  • Strategize litigation deadline
  • Responds to discovery requests timely
  • Reviews and signs motions and responses;
  • Prepare for and attends hearings
  • Prepare for and conducts depositions
  • Prepare for and conducts mediations
  • Argues motions
  • Tries cases
  • Reports to the COO.

Attorney must possess the following traits:

  • A positive mindset
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills & ability to actively listen
  • Discipline & diligent work ethic
  • Exceptional organization skills
  • High ability to collaborate and work in teams
  • Mastery writing skills
  • Mastery knowledge of insurance laws, personal injury pre-litigation and litigation processes and procedures
  • Mastery knowledge of personal injury laws.

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