Rear-End Collision by RV on Highway 75 South

Case Study

Case Overview

While driving south on Highway 75, the client suddenly felt an impact as their vehicle was rear-ended by an RV. The client was unsure whether the RV was towing a truck or not. Immediately after the collision, the client began experiencing significant arm pain. Lacking health insurance, the client nonetheless sought medical attention. At the hospital, x-rays were taken, and a CT scan of the neck was performed to assess the extent of the injuries. Despite the challenges of dealing with medical costs without insurance, the client prioritized their health and safety.

Coverage available

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Case Outcome

Amount Recovered

The insurance carrier initially presented low-ball settlement offers, which significantly undervalued the client's pain and suffering, as well as their medical expenses. Complicating the situation further, there were major delays in obtaining the necessary medical records from Kennestone Hospital. These records were crucial for substantiating the client's injuries and the associated costs. Despite these challenges, persistent efforts were made to negotiate a fair settlement, ensuring that the client received appropriate compensation for their injuries and financial recovery.

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