Collecting Evidence for Decatur Car Accident Cases

Car accidents can be extremely stressful situations and leave individuals with substantial financial damages and physical injuries. Regardless of the type of car accident, collecting evidence for a Decatur car accident case is an essential step in pursuing a personal injury claim. To begin the recovery process, it is essential to gather as much evidence as possible at the accident scene and any official records produced from the accident.

A knowledgeable attorney could help you gather and interpret evidence from your case.

Witness Statements in Decatur Car Wreck Cases

Since the burden of proof belongs to the plaintiff in a personal injury case, gathering evidence is an essential step in seeking financial compensation for damages. At the scene of the accident, the parties should gather:

  • Witness information
  • Including driver and passenger names
  • Eyewitness contact information
  • License plate numbers
  • Insurance information

If possible, witness testimony should be collected at the scene and included in the police report.

Why is it Important to Take Photographs of the Accident Scene?

Accident photos and videos can serve as crucial evidence in car accident cases since they not only provide context for how the accident occurred, but also show damage to property and any physical injuries. If the accident occurs at an intersection, traffic cameras may also show how the accident occurred and what happened immediately after the accident. Acquiring traffic camera videos can be difficult, but a car accident attorney can assist in requesting traffic camera footage.

What is Black Box Data?

Many new vehicles are equipped with recording devices known as black boxes that log valuable data that may be used to prove liability. Sample data that may be pulled from a black box and used to show vehicle speed, engine speed, airbag deployment, seatbelt use, and brake application at the time of the accident.

Medical Records

Evidence about the way the accident happened is only one part of a car accident injury claim. Evidence may also be required to prove the plaintiff’s injuries. Medical records and police reports are some of the most valuable pieces of evidence to establish the extent of injury in a car accident case. Car insurance companies will likely require proof of the plaintiff’s injuries, treatment plan, and associated costs. Medical records that may be used to support a claim include medical bills, prescription medications, and rehabilitation costs.

Police Reports

Where police are called to the scene of an accident, the report they produce can be instrumental evidence to prove fault. Georgia law requires individuals to call the police if anyone is injured at an accident scene or if there is property damage of more than $500. To prepare the accident report, the officer will talk to witnesses, look at the accident scene, and indicate which party is presumable at fault according to the officer on the scene.

While the officer’s opinion of the fault party is persuasive, it is not conclusive. The accident parties should never assume that the police officer will collect all the evidence and should gather their evidence along with the police report.

Call an Attorney For Help

After gathering all relevant evidence, an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you analyze the evidence surrounding the accident. This evidence will help determine your damages and the best arguments to pursue fair compensation for your losses. Contact our car accident attorneys to guide you through the process of recovering evidence for your Decatur car accident case.