Common Causes of Car Accidents in Decatur

Car accidents are all too common in Decatur and frequently can be attributed to careless or reckless motorists. There are a few common causes of car accidents in Decatur that can result in catastrophic injuries and losses. If you have suffered harm in a recent wreck, a qualified auto accident attorney could draw on vast experience and legal resources to build a strong case on your behalf.

Common Examples of Driver Negligence

There are many types of driver negligence, and each presents a different danger to pedestrians, motorcyclists, fellow motorists, bicyclists, and others on the roadway. The following are among the most common examples of driver negligence:

These are just some of the various causes of car wrecks in Decatur that stem from a motorist failing to drive with proper care. Improper merging or lane changes, fatigued driving, neglecting to pay sufficient attention to the roadway, and drug-impaired driving, are also behaviors that could lead to a serious crash.

Weather-Related Causes of Collisions in Decatur

While negligent driving remains one of the most common behaviors that lead to car crashes in Decatur, other factors can be instrumental in severe accidents. Many drivers underestimate the potential dangers of weather-related factors when they get behind the wheel.

Some of the most hazardous weather-related causes of auto accidents include ice, snow, rain, and fog. When drivers fail to account for these dangerous conditions and speed down icy or snowy roads, the risk of a crash can be significant.

Motor Vehicle Defects Can Lead to Crashes

While motor vehicle defects may comprise a much smaller portion of roadway crashes than negligent factors, faulty car parts can cause devastating collisions and injuries. For instance, defective brakes can affect a driver’s ability to come to a stop quickly, and as a result, may lead to a sudden impact with other vehicles or pedestrians. Likewise, worn brake pads can make a vehicle stall or significantly slow down while driving. This defect could lead to a motor vehicle obstructing the roadway.

Another common type of vehicle defect that may lead to severe crashes in Decatur is a faulty steering column. Drivers should routinely get their vehicles checked out by a trusted mechanic to ensure any performance issues that could put them and other motorists in danger are taken care of.

A Decatur Attorney Could Explain the Common Causes of Car Wrecks

Understanding the common causes of car accidents in Decatur could help protect you and other drivers whenever you get behind the wheel. If you have endured injuries in a collision and believe you may have a valid cause of action, consulting with an attorney should be your next step.

A lawyer could provide an honest evaluation of the wreck and determine whether you may be able to hold the at-fault driver responsible for your losses. Schedule your attorney consultation today.