Decatur Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyer

Most of us drive safely and responsibly. You buckle your safety belt, obey traffic laws and speed limits, and use your turn signals. It is particularly unfortunate and frustrating, therefore, when despite all your best efforts to follow the rules of the road, you are involved in an accident because another driver was drunk.

Depending on the speed and circumstances of the collision, the injured party could be significantly hurt and left with substantial medical bills. Therefore, if you were involved in a collision with an impaired motorist, you should seek the services of a Decatur drunk driving car accident lawyer. A local attorney could help you understand your legal rights and advocate on your behalf when pursuing fair compensation.

Determining Liability in a Drunk Driver Case

Negligence, under the Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-1-2, is defined as behavior outside the bounds of what a reasonable person would do in a similar set of circumstances. In Decatur, when a plaintiff and their drunk driving accident lawyer bring a lawsuit, they are trying to prove to the court that the defendant’s actions were negligent, and there would have been no collision or subsequent harm if they had not chosen to drive while impaired.

Because drunk driving is punished statutorily under O.C.G.A. §40-6-391, a defendant who is operating their vehicle while intoxicated can generally be assumed to be negligent. Therefore, a defendant may search for another means to defend themselves. One way in which the defendant may attempt to do this is by arguing that while they were negligent, the injured party is partially to blame for the accident as well.

When a claimant shares some degree of responsibility for their accident, the jury determines their percentage of fault. If a claimant is more than 50 percent to blame for a crash, they may receive no compensation. If they do not reach this bar, then the damages the plaintiff may recover are generally reduced by their percentage of fault.

Recoverable Damages

An injured party has a legal right to pursue damages from an individual who causes them to sustain injuries and incur related expenses. An intoxicated driver incident can result not just in physical injury, but psychological harm as well. A plaintiff should be sure to discuss all their attorney in Decatur to determine the value of their drunk driving car wreck case.

In most civil cases, a claimant may seek economic damages, which are the out-of-pocket expenses that someone accrues as a result of an incident. These damages may compensate for medical bills, lost wages, rehabilitation, as well as other defined costs.

Depending on the injury party’s losses, they also may be able to pursue compensation for their mental and emotional injuries such as pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and post-traumatic stress. One unique type of compensation that a claimant may be eligible to recover are punitive damages. These additional damages are intended to punish the defendant for reckless or intentional behavior, which is often found in motor vehicle accident cases involving drunk drivers.

Contact a Decatur Drunk Driving Car Accident Attorney

If you or your family suffers injuries because of an impaired motorist, you should call to discuss your case with a Decatur drunk driving car accident lawyer as soon as possible. The attorneys our firm could explain what legal rights you may have, and what avenues are available to enforce those rights. Whether in settlement proceedings or court, you may be able to be compensated for your losses. Call today and see what our legal team could do for you and your case.