Decatur Fatal Car Accidents Lawyer

Negligent conduct while driving may cause deadly injuries to you or your family members. While speed and nonuse of seatbelts can increase the likelihood of a fatal crash, fatalities might occur even when those killed were using their seatbelts and the speeds involved were not excessive. In any fatality wreck, though, the costs and expenses incurred by the decedent’s loved ones may be significant and may include funeral expenses, the costs of emergency medical care, and wages that the decedent’s family may have expected to receive from the decedent.

A Decatur fatal car accidents lawyer may help you or your loved ones understand and exercise legal rights following a serious wreck. In a car accident lawsuit, your attorney may assist in recovering financial compensation to address those expenses and costs you incurred.

Compensation after a Fatal Decatur Car Collision

The process of pursuing compensation following a fatality wreck begins with an investigation into the facts of the crash itself. This helps determine if facts exist entitling a plaintiff to file a claim. Claimants may file lawsuits only when the collision is the result of the negligent acts of another person, known as the “defendant”. When a fatality wreck is an accident and no one is at fault, the surviving family members of the decedent may have trouble recovering any compensation at all.

Additionally, Georgia law limits the class of individuals who can bring a lawsuit on behalf of the decedent. The decedent’s spouse, if any, may bring suit and pursue compensation. If the decedent was not married, then any adult children who survive the decedent may file the claim. If the decedent had no spouse or adult surviving children, then the parents of the decedent or the administrator of the decedent’s estate may choose to file suit on the decedent’s behalf.

Any compensation the plaintiff recovers is intended to repay any final expenses incurred by the decedent and paid by their estate or another person. Such payment should also assist the deceased person’s family and loved ones address the ongoing losses that they will experience. A qualified attorney may help those impacted by the sudden loss of a loved one in a car crash to understand the financial damages to which they may be entitled.

Time Limitations for Filing a Fatal Car Wreck Lawsuit

Georgia’s wrongful death statute of limitations is applicable in cases where a person perishes in a car wreck. The statute of limitations operates to prevent plaintiffs from filing claims that are too dated. This statute of limitations gives claimants two years from the date of their loved one’s death to initiate a lawsuit. This period starts on the date of the person’s death – not necessarily the date that they receive their injury.

This statute of limitations is often strictly enforced. Claimants who do not meet this deadline may experience the court dismiss their case. Enlisting the help and support of a Decatur plaintiff’s attorney may help those impacted by fatality crashes timely file petitions for compensation with the courts.

Reach Out to a Decatur Fatal Car Accidents Attorney

In the aftermath of a vehicle wreck that claims the life of your loved one, you and your family may have the right to pursue compensation against the at-fault driver. This may keep you from having to face funeral expenses and other costs in the wake of such a tragedy. A knowledgeable Decatur fatal car accidents lawyer may provide you with the resources and skills needed to prevail in your suit.