Decatur Hit and Run Car Accident Lawyer

There are strict requirements under state law regarding leaving the scene of an accident when injuries are present. Despite it being unlawful to do so, hit and run accidents remain common. A hit and run accident is any vehicle collision where the other driver leaves the scene of the crash.

If you suffer an injury in one of these crashes, pursuing compensation could be difficult without knowing the identity of the other driver. Thankfully, an experienced personal injury attorney could advise you of your options. When you work with a Decatur hit and run car accident lawyer, they could guide you on identifying the driver or filing a claim with your own insurance policy.

Understanding Hit and Run Collisions

In most cases, drivers involved in an accident comply with state regulations and remain at the scene until police arrive. However, there are certain motorists willing to risk the civil and criminal consequences of leaving the scene of an accident. Their motivations could vary. Drivers might leave the scene if they are:

  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Have an active warrant
  • Lack insurance coverage
  • In possession of stolen property
  • Panicking
  • In fear due to their immigration status

Ultimately, their motivation for leaving the scene after an accident will not weigh heavily in a civil case. The important thing for a person injured in a hit and run accident is to identify the driver and determine if their own insurance policy might offer coverage in this situation. A Decatur attorney could help with both tasks following a hit and run auto collision.

How Could Victims Identify an At-Fault Driver in Decatur

In some cases, the other driver involved in a hit and run collision will be identified in short order. The police will typically make an effort to track this driver down. In some cases, they will use traffic camera footage to identify a license plate. In other cases, a witness might identify the driver or provide police their whereabouts. In some cases, a vehicle with obvious signs of body damage can lead police to locate the hit and run driver.

The amount of effort the police are willing to put into this investigation will depend from one case to another. The good news is that a Decatur attorney could assist with identifying the other driver in a hit and run car accident.

Pursuing Uninsured Motorist Claims

Some drivers will have the option to file a claim with their insurance provider following a hit and run accident. These claims are typically filed through uninsured motorist (UIM) policies. These policies offer coverage to an insured driver when they are struck by a motorist that lacks insurance coverage. This includes when the other driver involved in the accident is unknown. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always make this process easy. In certain instances, it could be necessary for a driver to sue their own insurance company to force them to honor their UIM claim.

Call a Decatur Hit and Run Car Accident Attorney Immediately

The moments after a hit and run accident could be deflating. Not only are you facing the potential of serious injury or property damage, but the person responsible for the crash has disappeared from the scene.

Thankfully, you are not without options. A Decatur hit and run car accident lawyer could assist you with tracking down the at-fault driver or pursuing a claim with your own insurance provider. Schedule an initial consultation to discuss your legal options.