Decatur Car Accident Involving Bad Weather Lawyer

Driving wind, heavy rain, or accumulated snow could all dramatically increase the challenge of driving safely. While operating a car in bad weather does not always result in an accident, careless drivers can potentially increase the chances of a crash when conditions are rough. If you suffer injuries in a bad weather car accident, you could have recourse through a civil lawsuit.

Following a bad weather crash, a dedicated personal injury attorney could review your case and advise you if you have a claim. While not every accident resulting in bad weather will lead to a viable injury claim, your attorney could advise you of your chances of success. Maximizing your financial recovery could be possible with the assistance of a Decatur car accident involving bad weather lawyer.

How Weather Can Impact a Vehicle Accident

It is no secret that bad weather can increase the likelihood of a car accident. While roads are designed to cope with a certain amount of precipitation, some surfaces become dangerously slick after a certain amount of precipitation.

Water is one of the common threads in how these conditions become dangerous. Whether from rain, ice, or snow, this accumulated precipitation could decrease a vehicle’s traction on the roadway. A vehicle that is traveling too fast could lose control due to these conditions and cause an accident.

Strong wind conditions could also play a major role in an auto accident. While most vehicles are designed to withstand high levels of wind while driving, conditions could become so extreme that they blow the vehicle off its course. A combination of high winds and wet conditions also increases the odds of a crash even further.

A Decatur attorney could investigate a car accident involving bad weather to determine the cause of the crash. If another motorist lost control because of unsafe driving practices, they could face liability for any damages they cause in a crash.

Potential Defendants in a Bad Weather Crash Suit

There are multiple parties that could ultimately be the target of a Decatur attorney in a car accident lawsuit involving bad weather. In fact, identifying these parties is one of the first steps legal counsel could take when they begin investigating a claim.

Many of these lawsuits ultimately target the other driver in the crash. All vehicle accident claims are based on a theory of negligence, which means any negligent act by a motorist during inclement weather could lead to a lawsuit if they cause an accident. Negligence in this situation often involves driving at a high rate of speed. In cases of bad weather, it could be necessary to travel well below the posted speed limit to avoid a crash. Other examples could include taking a turn at high speed, following too closely, or driving while distracted.

A lawsuit might also target a state or local government. Every stretch of road in and around Decatur is controlled by a government entity. If they fail to maintain the roads or design them in such a way that dangerous accumulation of precipitation is possible, these government entities could be the target of an injury claim.

Reach Out to a Decatur Car Accident Involving Bad Weather Attorney

Dealing with dangerous weather conditions is a part of driving. Unfortunately, not all motorists take these challenges seriously.

If you have sustained injuries in a car accident during severe weather, you might be entitled to compensation. Call a Decatur car accident involving bad weather lawyer to learn more.