Meeting with a Doctor after a Decatur Car Accident

If you suffered grave injuries in a recent Decatur collision, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Meeting with a doctor after a Decatur car accident can have a marked effect both on the results of your case and your wellbeing. Another important step towards winning financial recovery is retaining a qualified car accident attorney to handle your case.

Once you have finished treatment, a lawyer can collect all evidence, including your medical bills and records, to submit to the at-fault driver’s insurance company for settlement. Insurers are widely known for trying to reduce the amount of compensation they payout for claims or trying to get claimants to settle too soon before they have completed all their treatment. By working with an experienced attorney on your case, you can rest assured that your legal matter will receive the attention and vigilant advocacy it deserves.

Importance of Receiving Medical Attention in Decatur

Sometimes, after a collision, symptoms of an injury may take a few days to appear. It is imperative that someone involved in a Decatur collision not delay to meet with a doctor if they believe they are injured. If someone waits more than a few days to seek medical attention, the insurance company could argue that their issues stemmed from a preexisting condition rather than the accident.

For example, neck or back injuries may manifest as mild to severe pain, stiffness, inflammation, and contusions. If someone sustains a head injury in an auto accident, they may notice signs such as brain fog, impaired cognition, malaise, extreme fatigue, insomnia, and difficulty seeing. Other common symptoms that may arise after a Decatur wreck and require medical help include knee pain, shoulder pain, loss of sensation, feeling faint, loss of range of motion, burning sensation, abdominal pain, and sudden shifts in emotion.

Medical Treatment and Financial Recovery

The insurance company will often do everything it can to reduce the financial award to a claimant after an accident. An adjuster may utilize a range of tactics to accomplish this, one of which is trying to offer a quick settlement at the very beginning of a case before the victim has a chance to get the full treatment they need.

If someone delays to get the treatment they need after a Decatur wreck or decides to stop getting treatment even though their doctor has not given them an official release, this could be at the detriment of their financial recovery. Waiting or neglecting to get necessary treatment may cause the adjuster to try to negate the severity of the injury and result in a settlement offer that is far too low for the claimant’s damages.

Talk with a Decatur Car Accident Attorney Right Away

If you are thinking about meeting with a doctor after a Decatur car accident, you should also contact a lawyer to discuss your potential legal options. An attorney can seek financial damages for your medical costs, pain, suffering, wage loss, and other losses on your behalf and counter ploys by the insurance adjuster to negate the worth of your claim. Call now to book your consultation with a Decatur car accident attorney.