Mistakes to Avoid after a Decatur Car Accident

When you have just been in a car crash, it is only natural that you may feel stunned and extremely upset. It can be challenging to collect your thoughts, and if you are injured, you could be unsure what to do next or who could be held legally responsible. There are a series of mistakes to avoid after a Decatur car accident, particularly if you intend to file a case for damages.

A car wreck attorney could walk you through the complicated legal process and handle communicating with the responsible party’s insurance company on your behalf. Additionally, a lawyer could help you bring a strong claim that reflects the overall value of your financial damages.

Why is Attempting to Handle a Car Accident Case Alone a Mistake?

One of the most common and possibly damaging mistakes made after an auto accident in Decatur is handling an injury case without legal representation. In the absence of a lawyer who is familiar with the claims process, an injured party could be left vulnerable to some of the common ploys used by adjusters to devalue cases.

For example, it is not unusual for an insurance adjuster to call the injured party right after the accident in an attempt to get them to settle their claim for a low value. Once an individual signs a bodily injury release, they could be left without legal recourse if their injury causes additional issues and expenses.

Even if the injured party waits until they have completed treatment and tries to settle their claim alone, they may find themselves facing unrealistically low offers from the adjuster. A skilled attorney could negotiate with the opposing party to pursue a fair settlement or present a compelling case before a jury if an out-of-court solution fails.

Why Should Someone Never Give a Recorded Statement without Legal Representation?

Insurance adjusters may try to use recorded statements as a way to get an injured party to concede partial or full liability. Therefore, this could be a grave mistake to avoid in a Decatur car wreck case as it could severely impact an individual’s claim for damages. For instance, if a claimant says something that admits partial fault, this could lead to a decrease in their compensation or ability to collect at all.

Delaying the Start of a Claim is a Mistake

Another major error to avoid after a crash in Decatur is delaying the start of a car accident claim. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §9-3-33 establishes that the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is two years from the date of the incident. If the injured party delays filing their claim and tries to pursue a lawsuit after the statute of limitations expires, they would no longer be eligible for compensatory damages.

Fleeing the Crash

If someone is involved in a car accident, it is against the law to flee the scene of the crash. While it might seem like an obvious point, it bears mentioning. Individuals involved in an auto accident must exchange driver information. Additionally, when someone sustains injuries in a collision or suffers property losses that meet or exceed $500 in damage, a police accident report must be filed.

Contact a Decatur Attorney to Learn More About the Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Wreck

There are many of the mistakes to avoid after a Decatur car accident. Fortunately, an attorney could help remove some of the stress of making these errors by managing your claim on your behalf. To find out more about how a lawyer could help, call as soon as possible, and schedule your case consultation.