Recoverable Damages After a Decatur Car Accident

If you have experienced severe injuries in a car crash caused by a reckless or aggressive driver, you may be eligible to receive compensation. A skilled car wreck attorney could help you pursue your recoverable damages after a Decatur car accident.

Our legal representatives could provide you with a no-obligation consultation to analyze the events that led to your wreck and determine who could be held liable for your damages. Additionally, our team could inform you of the viability of your potential claim and discuss what financial remedies may be available.

What Damages May a Claimant Receive Following a Car Crash?

Car wrecks can cause long-term and sometimes permanent injuries. Also, depending on the severity of the impact, some injuries can be fatal. Car accident injuries may include traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, ruptured or herniated discs, internal bleeding, torn muscles, back injuries, paralysis, concussions, and whiplash.

Therefore, those injured in a Decatur car accident could recover several categories of damages in a civil award or negotiated settlement. The injured person could collect compensation for their income loss, medical bills, rehabilitation expenses, and property damage.

An individual also may be able to recover for their emotional and subjective losses as well. Noneconomic compensation could pay for a claimant’s future income loss, future medical costs, pain and suffering, disability, loss of life enjoyment, loss of consortium, scarring, and disfigurement.

At the court’s discretion, punitive damages also may be included in the plaintiff’s civil award. Punitive damages are designed to discipline the liable individual or entity for any egregious misconduct. For instance, a person may receive punitive damages if the negligent driver was drunk at the time of their accident.

Under What Circumstances Could Compensation Be Impacted?

In Decatur, a variety of circumstances may impact the total damages someone could recover for a car accident. Among the most notable of these factors is the legal doctrine of negligence. The vast majority of car accident claims are based on a motorist’s negligent behavior.

Under the negligence doctrine, the accused party must have owed the plaintiff a duty of care, defied their duty, and injured the plaintiff as a direct result of their breach. Finally, to seek compensation, the plaintiff’s injuries must have caused actual damages.

Additionally, comparative negligence also could impact the value of a plaintiff’s claim. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-12-33 says that a plaintiff can recover damages even if they contributed to their injuries, provided their percentage of blame is no more than 49 percent. Any allocation of blame made to the plaintiff would reduce their award according to their percentage of fault. For example, if a judge decides that the claimant is 20 percent liable for their accident, this person would receive 80 percent of their damages.

Contact a Decatur Attorney for Help Recovering Damages After a Car Accident

A lawyer could help you file a claim for any recoverable damages after a Decatur car accident. If another driver’s negligence is to blame for your losses, you should not have to bear the consequences of their careless actions.

By seeking just damages for your physical, psychological, and financial losses, you could recover the compensation you need to move forward. Call today to schedule your confidential consultation with one of our dedicated attorneys.