Settling a Decatur Car Accident Case

If you are thinking about filing a car accident claim for compensation, it is crucial to understand how the process may go. Settling a Decatur car accident case could take mere weeks to accomplish, or in some cases, several months or more.

Fortunately, a car wreck attorney could keep you informed of all developments in your case and work diligently in pursuit of a settlement or court ruling in your favor. Additionally, a lawyer could explain the relevant laws that may impact your case and ensure you are well-prepared for each phase of the claims process.

What is the Standard Settlement Process?

Once retained, an attorney could start investigating a case immediately. After finishes the case investigation and upon the injured party’s completion of their medical treatment, a lawyer could begin putting together a demand package. 

A demand package contains supporting facts and documentation for the individual’s claim. This package also may include the demand letter to the at-fault insurer, the claimant’s medical records and bills, pay stubs (if the claimant missed time from work due to their injuries), the accident report, any witness statements taken by law enforcement, injury photos, and all other relevant evidence. The letter would list the claimant’s damages and include the requested settlement amount.

Once an attorney sends the demand package, negotiations would start between the claimant and the at-fault driver’s insurance company. When the parties are unable to settle, a lawyer in Decatur may recommend that the claimant file a car accident claim. If the case proceeds to trial, both sides engage in a mutual exchange of information called discovery, during which it may still be possible to settle. Otherwise, both parties would present their respective arguments at trial for the court to rule on.

What is the Timeline for Decatur Car Accident Claims?

The deadline to file a car accident case is two years from the day of the incident, per Official Code of Georgia Annotated §9-3-33. However, once an individual files their case, the settlement timeline may vary. While some cases may be settled relatively quickly, others can drag on for months or even years.

The exact timeline for a settling a particular car wreck case in Decatur depends on the severity of the damages sustained by the claimant, whether or not liability is contested, and how cooperative the at-fault party’s insurance company is during negotiations, among other factors. If both sides can settle the case out of court, it could take a month or longer before the injured party receives their settlement check.

When the case proceeds to litigation because attempts at facilitating an out-of-court settlement are unsuccessful, the duration of the proceedings depends on a variety of factors. For example, court dockets are notorious for becoming backlogged. The claimant may wait as long as a year or more to have their case heard by the judge.

Speak with a Decatur Attorney for Helping Settling a Car Wreck Case

Whether your case reaches a settlement or moves into litigation, an attorney could fight for fair compensation. Settling a Decatur car accident case can be complicated and often requires aggressive legal representation. To discuss how to move forward with your case, call today.