Decatur T-Bone Car Accident Lawyer

A T-bone car crash is a type of side-impact vehicle collision. These crashes occur when the front-end of one car collides with the side of another. These accidents are common in intersections, but they can occur anywhere.

T-bone accidents have the potential to cause severe injuries to all involved. From broken bones to severe burns, the financial cost of dealing with these injuries could overwhelm many families. Thankfully, a skilled injury attorney could help recover these costs from the driver that caused the crash.

If you sustained injuries in a T-bone crash, you have important legal rights. You are entitled to pursue a civil suit against the other driver if they were negligent, and you do not have to do it alone. A Decatur T-bone car accident lawyer could assist you during every stage of your lawsuit.

Who Could be Held Liable in a T-bone Accident in Decatur?

It is possible for either driver in a T-bone crash to be responsible for causing the accident. These accidents are most common at an intersection, where only one driver has the right of way. In this situation, the motorist that does not have the right of way could be at fault for causing the crash.

In some cases, the driver that is struck in the side is the one who entered an intersection illegally. It is also possible for a driver to enter an intersection and collide with the side of a motorist who has the right of way. A Decatur attorney could investigate a T-bone car accident and determine which party was at fault.

What are the Dangers of a T-Bone Crash?

There are two important factors that result in many T-bone accidents causing severe bodily injuries. Together, these factors can have life-changing or even fatal consequences. The two factors to be aware of in a T-bone car accident are the potential for significant force and the dangerous area of impact.

T-bone accidents often occur at high speed. In many cases, they happen because one driver at an intersection fails to yield to a stoplight or sign. The end result could be a vehicle traveling at full speed, colliding into the side of another car. In this situation, the impact could be devastating.

The point of impact on the car can also increase the risk of serious injury. While vehicles are built to absorb tremendous impacts from the front or rear, the side panels and doors are far less secure. In some places, only a thin pane of glass stands between an oncoming vehicle and a passenger.

Risk of Rollover

In addition to factors already discussed, it is important to note that T-bone car accidents have a significant potential to cause a rollover. When vehicles are struck on their side, they are more likely to flip over due to the wheelbase being stationary. If a car rolls, it can cause severe damage to the top of the vehicle as well. These accidents can further increase the odds of severe injuries. Whether a vehicle rolls over or not, a Decatur attorney could assist a person injured in a T-bone car accident pursue compensation.

Let a Decatur T-bone Car Accident Attorney Help

After dealing with your car accident injuries, you could benefit from a discussion with an experienced lawyer. In many T-bone accidents, an attorney could quickly identify the at-fault party in the crash and help you hold them accountable.

Let a Decatur T-bone car accident lawyer assist you in your pursuit of financial compensation. Call right away to discuss your claim in person.