Decatur Teen Driver Car Accident Lawyer

Youthful inexperience and poor judgment make teenaged drivers prone to auto accidents. A teenager may lack the driving skills necessary to avoid collisions or react to sudden hazards safely. Teenagers may also be more susceptible to distractions that can lead to crashes. Just like crashes brought about by adult drivers, those that occur because of careless teenage drivers may cause catastrophic injuries to you and your loved ones.

You may be able to secure compensation from a negligent teenager or their insurance company following a crash. A Decatur teen driver car accident lawyer may guide you through the steps necessary to hold the careless teen responsible for their poor decisions and actions. A skilled injury attorney may be able to help you avoid pitfalls and delays that might derail your quest for compensation.

Responsibility for a Decatur Car Crash Involving a Teen

Teenagers are responsible for their negligent acts behind the wheel, just as any driver over the age of 18 years would be. Even where the law might otherwise consider the teenager to be a minor child, there is no special exemption from liability for teenaged drivers. In many cases, the teenager’s insurance company (which may be the same as the insurance company of their parents) will be the primary entity from which plaintiffs will seek compensation.

The teen’s parents may also be responsible for paying compensation to plaintiffs in certain situations. For example, this may arise if the parents of a teen negligently entrusted the family car’s keys to the teen knowing that the teenager is not licensed to drive or has a history of careless or reckless conduct.

Determining who might be responsible for causing or contributing to a crash involving a teenaged driver might be made easier with help from an experienced attorney in Decatur. This determination is an essential first step to filing a lawsuit for financial damages.

Potential Compensation Following a Teen Driver Car Accident

Many of the legal principles applicable in a car crash involving adults are also applicable in cases involving teen drivers. This includes the losses for which plaintiffs may receive compensation through their lawsuit:

  • Medically-necessary treatments and procedures
  • Wages the plaintiff did not receive due to missing work during their recovery
  • Mental and emotional anguish and suffering
  • Inability to enjoy life activities the plaintiff once enjoyed

The compensation award a plaintiff recovers through the legal system should address losses the plaintiff already experienced immediately after the crash as well as those expenses the plaintiff may encounter in the future. So long as the already-incurred or anticipated expense is the result of the teen’s negligent driving and the resulting crash, the claimant is likely eligible to pursue recovery of it.

Speaking with a Decatur Teen Driver Car Accidents Attorney

Those harmed in any sort of car accident should speak with legal counsel as soon as possible, especially if a teen driver caused the wreck. A teenaged driver’s insurance policy may pay some of the compensation a plaintiff may have incurred. However, in cases involving catastrophic injuries, a plaintiff may require more financial damages than what the young driver’s insurance may provide. There may be numerous hurdles to overcome in succeeding with your lawsuit, but an experienced and helpful Decatur teen driver car accident lawyer may help you overcome these.