Decatur Uber/Taxi Accident Lawyer

While the convenience of ride-sharing services is without question, these drivers are just as vulnerable to getting into an accident as other motorists. These drivers may be operating their vehicle while distracted by their cellphone, or they could be exhausted from long hours on the road. These are perfect conditions for an accident to occur.

If you suffered injuries because of these rideshare drivers, you should contact a Decatur Uber/taxi accident lawyer. An attorney could explain what legal rights you may have, and different avenues you may be able to pursue. With the help of a legal ally, you may be able to bring your lawsuit before the court or negotiate a settlement and achieve a positive resolution to your claim.

Establishing Negligence

Like most personal injury cases, when a plaintiff and their attorney bring a lawsuit in Decatur based upon an uber/taxi accident, the claimant must prove that the defendant acted negligently. Negligence, as defined by Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-1-2, occurs when someone does not act in a way that reasonable person would in a similar situation.

To establish that a party acted negligently, the claimant must demonstrate that the defendant had a legal obligation to them. Taxi and ride-sharing drivers owe a duty of care to their passengers and other motorists to follow the rules of the road and travel with responsibility. Then, a plaintiff must prove that the defendant breached this duty of care, and as a result of this failure to uphold this legal obligation, they suffered losses, such as a physical injury.

Potentially Liable Parties in Ride-Sharing Accident Cases

Depending on the circumstances of these cases, several different parties could be at fault. A plaintiff could file a claim with their own insurance, or they could seek to hold the Uber or taxi driver personally liable for the incident. In some situations, an injured party also may have the option to file a claim against the ride-sharing or the taxi company. Generally, in these claims, the company’s insurance company may pay out compensation to the plaintiff.

Determining which parties to sue is both a strategic decision based upon the facts of the case, likelihood to receive compensation, and several other considerations. Plaintiffs should consult one-on-one with their Decatur lawyer to strategize how best to proceed in the Uber/taxi accident claim.

Insurance Claims

All drivers in Georgia are legally required to carry a certain minimum amount of car insurance for all types of vehicular accidents under O.C.G.A §33-7-9. Similarly, taxi services and Uber are required to have all their drivers insured in the event of a collision. Therefore, when a plaintiff pursues damages for their medical bills, rehabilitation costs, psychological harm, and other losses as a result of an incident, they generally deal with the insurance company rather than the driver individually.

Consult with a Decatur Uber/Taxi Accident Attorney Today

If you suffered injuries from a collision with a ride-sharing or taxi driver, you may have a right to financial compensation. A Decatur Uber/taxi accident lawyer could help advocate for your legal rights and strive for a favorable resolution to your claim. Call today and see what is possible for you and your case.