Value of a Decatur Car Accident Case

In order to recover comprehensively for all your damages following a car accident case, you first need to know exactly what your case may be worth. Unfortunately, valuating a car crash claim in Decatur is usually easier said than done, especially when accounting for subjective losses like physical pain and emotional suffering.

Retaining a seasoned attorney can go a long way towards simplifying this process for both you and your loved ones. That being said, there are some things to know about how these cases typically work that may help you get a better grasp of your claim’s potential value.

Calculating the Value of Non-Economic Losses

One portion of a car accident case’s value is easy to define in objective terms. By definition, economic damages have quantitative financial values based on bills and receipts, so seeking sufficient recovery is often just a simple matter of addition.

Where things get more complicated is in determining how much compensation is justified by non-economic damages. Since non-economic damages are those which do not have specific price tags—like loss of enjoyment of life from a permanent disability sustained in a wreck—their value can vary depending on various factors, including the skill and dedication of the attorney arguing for those damages on a plaintiff’s behalf.

The factor that most commonly reduces a case’s value is the principle of comparative fault, which is defined in Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33. As per this statute, civil courts in Decatur may decrease the value of a successful plaintiff’s damage award in proportion to the amount of fault they bear for causing or exacerbating their own injuries. Furthermore, the court may bar recovery entirely if they find the plaintiff bears 50 percent or more of the total fault in their case.

The Potential Impacts of “Where,” “When,” and “Who”

The specific circumstances under which a car accident occurs can greatly affect the value of any civil case that ensues. In the simplest terms possible, the more injuries and financial losses a crash causes, the more a case based on that crash is likely to be worth in terms of recoverable damages.

However, just because a wreck has severe consequences does not mean everyone will agree on how to evaluate those consequences. What one jury sees as thousands of dollars’ worth of harm may seem like millions of dollars’ worth to another. In the same vein, a young adult being hurt in a Decatur car crash may have more to lose in subjective terms than an elderly person, since they have more of their life ahead of them.

Even the defendant’s own liquidity and insurance coverage can have a significant impact on recoverable damages—specifically, because a plaintiff cannot recover compensation from someone who does not have the coverage or personal wealth necessary to cover all the damages they caused. These are all considerations that a car crash lawyer would take into account when determining the value of a case in Decatur.

Find Out What a Car Accident Case Is Worth from a Decatur Attorney

Effectively seeking compensation for the full value of damages suffered in a car accident takes a great deal of legal experience. Plaintiffs who go unrepresented in their pursuit of civil damages often find themselves without the compensation they need to cover all their losses when their cases come to a close.

You could avoid suffering this fate yourself by retaining a skilled attorney to help evaluate your Decatur car accident case. Call today to learn more or to schedule an initial consultation.