Decatur Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

While over-the-counter and prescription medications are meant to provide treatment, the results can be catastrophic if these drugs do not work as intended. Consumers who take dangerous medications could suffer ongoing physical, mental, and emotional injuries, as well as financial burdens from mounting medical bills and loss of income.

If you or a loved one experienced dangerous side effects after taking medication, a Decatur dangerous drugs lawyer could help you hold the drug manufacturer financially responsible. A dedicated personal injury attorney could stand by your side each step of the way and assert a claim for the compensation you deserve.

What Constitutes a Dangerous Drug?

The Official Code of Georgia § 16-13-21 defines dangerous drugs as those that may only be dispensed by prescription under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. Many drugs have the potential to result in some adverse effects. However, unsafe medications cause negative side effects that are so severe that they outweigh the drug’s possible benefits. When this happens, victims should seek the services of an accomplished lawyer.

Determining Liability

A harmed consumer typically names the drug manufacturer as the liable defendant in their dangerous drugs lawsuit. Drug manufacturers have a duty to their consumers to ensure that the drugs they put on the market are safe for their intended use. A Decatur lawyer who handles dangerous drug cases could evaluate the various factors involved in a plaintiff’s situation and determine if a manufacturer could be liable for their losses. A drug company could be liable in a dangerous drug case when:

  • It fails to sufficiently inform the public of the side effects associated with taking the drug;
  • It does not sufficiently label the product to inform the public of the uses of the drug;
  • A defect occurred during the development or manufacturing of the medication that made it harmful for consumption.

What Type of Damages Are Recoverable in Unsafe Medication Cases?

A consumer who experienced significant losses after taking medication may have the opportunity to pursue various types of damages. Recoverable damages in a dangerous medication case may include economic damages such as medical bills and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages like mental distress, pain and suffering, and reduced quality of life. In severe cases, the court may award the plaintiff punitive damages as additional compensation.

These types of damages are meant to punish drug companies for their careless actions and deter others from conducting similar practices in the future. A Decatur dangerous drugs attorney could assess a plaintiff’s case and identify what kinds of damages they may be entitled to based on the severity of their losses.

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When you suffer adverse effects from a dangerous drug, you do not have to face the drug manufacturer or pharmaceutical company alone. A Decatur dangerous drugs lawyer with considerable knowledge of the testing, approval, and manufacturing practices for drugs could evaluate whether a manufacturer acted negligently to put their drugs on the market. To learn more about 770-GOOD-LAW’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, call our office and schedule an initial case consultation.