Decatur VESPA/Motor Scooter Accident Lawyer

Mopeds and motor scooters have become increasingly means of transportation over short distances, especially since the rise of various scooter rental apps in major cities across the United States. However, even when operated at relatively low speeds, these motor vehicles can still cause serious property damage and severe personal injuries in the event of an accident.

If you got hurt while riding a motorized scooter because someone else acted negligently around you, a Decatur VESPA/motor scooter accident lawyer may be able to help. Using experience and expertise gathered over dozens of similar cases in the past, a qualified attorney could help you build a strong case for compensation and seek recovery for all your injuries and losses.

Rules for Motor Scooter Riders in Decatur

Under Official Code of Georgia §40-1-1(28), the term “moped” refers to any motor-propelled cycle with two or three wheels whose engine does not exceed 50 cubic centimeters and cannot travel unassisted on a level road surface at a speed greater than 30 miles per hour. Any cycle that can travel faster than this or which has a larger engine is considered a motorcycle and is therefore subject to different rules and regulations, as a Decatur VESPA accident attorney could explain in further detail.

Mopeds do not have to be licensed or titled like other motor vehicles, nor do they have to have license plates or tags. However, as per O.C.G.A. §40-6-350, moped operators are beholden to all the same traffic laws as other motor vehicle operators when riding on public roads and highways. Furthermore, under O.C.G.A. §40-6-351, no one under the age of 15 can operate a moped on state roads or highways, and anyone above that age must have a valid driver’s license or permit to operate a moped on any state road or highway, and O.C.G.A. §40-6-352 establishes that all mopeds operators and passengers must wear protective headgear while riding.

Seeking Compensation after a Motor Scooter Accident

Since motor scooter operators must follow traffic rules and regulations like any other motor vehicle operator, they are also afforded the same rights and protections under state law as other motor vehicle operators. In other words, if a reckless or careless driver hits a VESPA or motor scooter operator and causes them to suffer compensable losses as a result, that driver could bear civil liability for the full value of those losses.

Much like motorcycle riders, motor scooter operators and passengers have very little protection from external impacts, so even riders with proper safety helmets are susceptible to catastrophic brain and/or spine injury in accidents with larger motor vehicles, as well as skin lacerations, broken bones, ligament tears, and internal organ damage. Fortunately, a motor scooter accident lawyer in Decatur may be able to help an injured rider seek restitution for their past and future medical expenses, damage to their scooter, pain and suffering, and more.

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Motor scooter accidents can make for complicated civil lawsuits, mainly because these vehicles are still fairly new and there is relatively little legal precedent for recovery compared to motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents. With help from experienced legal counsel, though, you could significantly increase your odds of establishing liability for your wreck and getting the compensation you need.

A Decatur VESPA/motor scooter accident lawyer could work tirelessly on your behalf to secure a good outcome to your case. Call today to learn more about the help a compassionate attorney could provide.