What to Do After a Decatur Motorcycle Accident

Anyone who has ever been in a serious car accident knows how chaotic and stressful the immediate aftermath can be, and if anything, motorcycle crashes are even worse in that regard. However, there are still a few key things you should try to do after finding yourself involved in a motorcycle wreck, not only to comply with state law but also to protect your own future wellbeing.

Knowing what to do after a Decatur motorcycle accident can make all the difference when seeking civil restitution for damages caused by such an incident once all the smoke has injured and all your injuries have started to heal. Here are some of the most important actions you should make sure to take after a wreck, based on the experiences of seasoned motorcycle accident attorneys.

Contact Law Enforcement

After removing themselves and their vehicles from the flow of traffic if at all possible, the first thing anyone involved in a Decatur motorcycle accident should do is call the police. Aside from being legally necessary in many cases to avoid a hit and run charge, ensuring that there is a police record of what happened leading up to your accident and who was involved in it can be critical to comprehensive civil recovery.

For example, if someone was driving drunk, speeding, or doing anything else reckless or careless prior to getting involved in a motorcycle wreck, a police report noting this violation of state law might be all that is necessary to assign liability for damages to that negligent driver. Even if responsibility for a crash is not so cut-and-dry, the police report will still serve as a dependable source of information that an attorney could use to argue that someone else’s negligence directly led to the incident in question.

Exchange Information with Other Drivers and Witnesses

Before leaving the scene of their accident, any motorcycle crash victim who is able to should make the best effort to get contact information from everybody else involved in the incident, and to provide their own contact information to those parties. Key information to retain and provide includes full names, home addresses, insurance policy details, and phone numbers.

In addition, it may be worthwhile to get contact information from nearby witnesses, in case their testimony could help establish liability for the accident later. Finally, it can be very helpful to an ensuing civil claim to take pictures of the accident scene before leaving, in order to get a photographic record of things like skid marks, traffic patterns, and the location of debris.

Schedule a Doctor’s Appointment Quickly

No matter whether they have any clearly visible injuries or not, any motorcycle rider involved in an accident should seek medical attention immediately after leaving the scene of their incident. Some injuries—especially traumatic damage to the brain—may not produce immediately recognizable symptoms, so a formal diagnosis is the only way to affirmatively identify every injury a motorcycle accident victim suffered. On top of that, medical documentation of injuries that stemmed directly from an accident can be crucial to seeking comprehensive civil recovery.

Talk with a Decatur Motorcycle Accident Attorney About Legal Options

These steps may seem pretty basic now, but they can be hard to remember in the smoke and confusion of a serious wreck. In light of that, it is a good idea to commit what to do after a Decatur motorcycle accident to memory in advance, so you can make the right moves as quickly and effectively as possible should you ever get into a wreck.

Of course, the last key step in this process is getting in touch with a legal representative who could help you hold the party responsible for your injuries financially liable for your ensuing damages. If you recently were involved in a motorcycle accident in Decatur, pick up the phone and call today to schedule your consultation.