Decatur Truck Accident Lawyer

Accidents involving large trucks such as 18-wheelers and semi-trucks are unfortunately common in Georgia. When the careless or reckless behavior of a truck driver or their trucking company causes a wreck, however, they may be held liable for the subsequent damages.

If you were injured in a truck wreck, a Decatur truck accident lawyer may be able to help you seek compensation. A serious crash could leave you with physical trauma as well as financial insecurity and emotional anguish—instead of trying to seek recovery alone, consider having a knowledgeable personal injury attorney by your side.

Truck Drivers’ Duties on the Road

Both state and federal laws govern the conduct of truck drivers on the road. Like other drivers, truckers have a responsibility to comply with traffic laws and carry a duty to exercise reasonable care in the operation of their vehicle. Accordingly, these regulations prohibit speeding, texting while driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and other unsafe practices.

Despite these laws, though, some truck drivers still drive when they are impaired or fatigued—and as a result, make careless errors which can result in crashes. Due to the weight and size of most trucks, collisions can cause severe or even fatal injuries.

When these damages are the result of a trucker’s negligence or the negligence of their trucking company, they may be held liable. A truck crash attorney could assist an injured claimant in obtaining relevant documents and identifying parties which may be held liable after a wreck in Decatur.

Types of Damages to Recover in a Decatur Truck Wreck Case

An individual injured in a truck crash may be able to recover damages in a civil claim if their injuries were due to another person’s negligence. Depending on the circumstances and severity of an injury, a claimant may require months or even years of medical treatment.

Particularly in cases involving permanent or debilitating injuries, a person may need extensive medical treatment, equipment, and assistive devices for the rest of their life. Because of this, medical bills and associated medical costs may be recoverable after a crash.

Furthermore, an injured plaintiff may also seek to recover for lost wages if they were unable to work following an injury, as well as for non-economic damages such as pain and suffering and loss of consortium. A detail-oriented and caring Decatur lawyer could assist a person injured in a truck collision with calculating the full extent of their damages in order to request adequate compensation.

Call a Decatur Truck Accident Attorney Today

Being injured in a wreck involving a truck could be a traumatizing and frightening experience. When another person’s negligence has caused your injuries, you should not have to shoulder the burden of the related medical bills and associated expenses alone. If you or someone you love was injured in a trucking accident, talk to a Decatur truck accident lawyer to discuss seeking the compensation you deserve.

While no amount of pecuniary compensation may be able to completely fix the trauma you have endured, a successful claim might help to alleviate the financial burden placed on you by medical bills and missed time at work. To understand more about the continuous communication we could provide while we help you file your claim, call today.