Failure to Yield Car Accidents in Forest Park

Obeying the right-of-way is fundamental to safe driving. Yet, careless drivers ignore these rules every day, and innocent people often pay the price through physical injuries and property damage.

If you were injured by a driver who ignored a right-of-way, a legal advocate familiar with failure to yield car accidents in Forest Park could help. Seeking a car wreck attorney could make the process smoother for you and ultimately lead to a more appropriate settlement.

What Does ‘Failure to Yield’ Mean?

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated §40-6-73 indicates that drivers who are entering a roadway from somewhere other than another road—for example, a parking lot or a driveway—must yield the right-of-way to parties already in the roadway. However, everyday use of the phrase “failure to yield” encompasses several different infractions. In general, a driver fails to yield when they violate another party’s right of way. For example:

  • Proceeding through a stop sign when another vehicle is oncoming;
  • Crowding a bicycle or motorcycle;
  • Going through or turning into a crosswalk when pedestrians are crossing;
  • Turning left in front of oncoming traffic;
  • Merging lanes aggressively instead of slowing to accommodate oncoming traffic; and/or
  • Entering a rotary intersection without a clear path.

Failure to yield car wrecks could result from distracted driving, driving under the influence, speeding, or reckless operation of a vehicle. If police investigating a wreck issue a ticket for failing to yield, the ticket could be evidence of the driver’s negligence.

Even if the police do not cite a driver, an injured party’s local attorney could present evidence of the failure to yield to establish the driver’s fault. Depending on the circumstances, relevant evidence could include surveillance footage from near the crash scene, cell phone records, data from traffic control devices, witness statements, crash reconstruction analysis, and black box data if a truck or bus was involved in the incident.

At-Fault Drivers Must Pay Losses

Failure to yield car crashes often cause significant injuries and could even destroy a car. Even if the at-fault driver has the minimum insurance coverage required by the state, it still might be inadequate to pay an injured person’s losses or cover damage to a newer vehicle.

An experienced attorney in the area could investigate whether other sources of insurance might be available. For instance, a vehicle manufacturer could be liable if mechanical failure prevented a driver from ceding the right-of-way. If an at-fault driver was a city employee on the clock at the time of the accident, the city of Forest Park could also be liable. This process can be complex, so it is essential to have a legal advocate in Forest Park to effectively argue fault in a failure to yield car crash.

Statute of Limitations for Failure to Yield Car Crashes

The law limits the time an injured person has to bring a lawsuit seeking damages after a failure to yield car accident. The injured person, or plaintiff, must file a lawsuit within two years of the wreck or lose the right to sue.

If the city of Forest Park, Clayton County, or another unit of government is partially responsible, it is crucial to consult an attorney right away. Anyone contemplating a lawsuit against a local government must file an ante-litem notice within 12 months of the incident. Failing to do so, or filing the notice incorrectly, could defeat a valid claim.

Trust Your Failure to Yield Car Accident in Forest Park to a Capable Attorney

Car crash cases can get complicated, especially if there are multiple parties involved. If you are recovering from injuries, the aggravation of negotiating with insurance companies is a stressor you should avoid.

Call on a professional familiar with handling failure to yield car accidents in Forest Park. The earlier you involve an experienced attorney in the process, the greater the potential benefit. Schedule your appointment today to begin your fight for compensation.