Front-End Car Accidents in Forest Park

Front-end car crashes, or head-on collisions, happen when two vehicles traveling toward each other collide. When this type of collision happens at highway speeds, it is often fatal, but they can cause significant injuries even at low speeds.

If you suffered injuries in a front-end car accident in Forest Park, a car wreck attorney could help you decide how best to proceed. If another party’s negligence led to the accident, you could seek compensation to cover your out-of-pocket expenses and other losses that resulted from your injury.

Severe Injuries Result From Front-End Crashes

Front-end collisions cause extensive damage to cars and severe injuries to the individuals inside them. Even if the vehicle does not flip after the collision, the force of the impact could be deadly. According to the National Safety Council, head-on collisions account for a significant percentage of the traffic fatalities that occur every year in the United States.

The survivors of front-end crashes often suffer devastating consequences. Common injuries associated with the collisions include:

  • Soft tissue injuries, especially of the head, neck, and shoulder;
  • Bone fractures, often displaced, compound, or open;
  • Facial injuries, including the loss of teeth, ears, or eyes;
  • Lacerations of internal organs;
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI); and/or
  • Spinal cord injuries.

Such injuries require emergency medical care, surgical intervention, and long-term rehabilitation. In some cases, the injuries could also permanently impact the injured person’s ability to earn a living and live independently. Working with a local lawyer to secure damages from the responsible party could be the best way to assure the injured person gets the necessary medical support.

Negligence in Forest Park Head-On Collisions

Roads and traffic laws are designed to ensure that head-on collisions do not occur in normal circumstances. If two vehicles meet head-on, it is almost a certainty that someone was negligent.

There are many ways a driver could be considered negligent in a head-on crash. For example, motorists who take the wheel after using recreational drugs or alcohol or those who use their cell phones while driving might lose focus or control long enough to cross a centerline and cause an accident.

Driving at unsafe speeds could also launch a vehicle into oncoming traffic if the vehicle hits an obstruction or a slippery patch in the road. A knowledgeable injury attorney could look into the circumstances surrounding an accident to identify negligent acts.

Available Damages to Injured Parties

Most damages in car accident cases reimburse the losses an individual experienced because of their injury. Medical costs, lost wages, future expenses, and payments to compensate for diminished quality of life all might be part of a damages award.

Punitive Damages

Injured individuals could also seek punitive damages in cases where a defendant’s conduct was outrageous or intentional. Because front-end collisions do not often happen in the absence of gross negligence or intentional wrongdoing, a person injured in a front-end accident should consult their attorney about seeking punitive damages.

In most cases, courts may award no more than $250,000 in punitive damages. If a defender committed an act that caused injury while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, this limit does not apply.

Pursue Your Front-End Crash Claim with an Experienced Attorney in Forest Park

Recovering from a front-end car accident in Forest Park can take a long time. You need time to heal the physical, emotional, and financial wounds from the trauma.

A local accident attorney could spearhead your search for justice and adequate financial restitution, leaving you free to focus on getting well. To ensure that your rights are preserved, reach out to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible after your accident.