Hit and Run Car Accidents in Forest Park

In addition to physical wounds, hit and run accidents often leave people with overwhelming emotional and physical hardships. If you were recently hurt in a hit and run car accident in Forest Park, you may be concerned about who will take financial responsibility for your losses.

Fortunately, a local vehicle wreck attorney could help. Even if the authorities cannot locate the driver of the car who hurt you, there are still other avenues of compensation that you can pursue.

State Law Requires Motorists to Stop at the Scene of an Accident

Any time a motorist knowingly leaves the scene of an accident, it is considered a hit and run. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-6-270, drivers need to stop immediately at the scene of an accident that results in the injury or death of another person or damage to another occupied vehicle. If they cannot stop immediately, the at-fault driver needs to return to the scene as quickly as possible.

Any driver involved in a collision is supposed to give their name, address, and registration number to any other driver. If available, they also need to show their license to any other driver. If necessary, they need to give assistance to any injured individual and contact the police and emergency medical services. Failure to stop, provide the required information, or give aid would violate the state hit and run statute and could result in a misdemeanor or felony charge.

Why Some Drivers Flee the Scene of a Crash

Although motorists flee from the scene for many different reasons, most frequently, they do so due to the following:

  • Lack of car insurance;
  • Lack of driver’s license;
  • Intoxication;
  • Stolen car or outstanding warrant; and/or
  • Fear or panic.

A seasoned wreck attorney could investigate the crash to determine what happened and help the police locate the at-fault driver. If the police are able to identify who caused the accident, the claimant’s representation could help the individual file a claim against the driver and their insurance company.

How Can an Attorney Help if the At-Fault Driver Cannot Be Located?

If the police cannot locate the at-fault driver, a claimant might be able to pursue compensation from their own insurance company. Some Forest Park drivers have optional underinsured or uninsured coverage, which provides protection in an accident where the other driver either has no insurance or has insufficient insurance to cover the cost of the accident’s damages.

To do so in a hit and run, the insurance company would classify the unknown driver as an uninsured driver. Doing so successfully requires the claimant to show that another car caused the collision and then left the scene. A dedicated local attorney could help locate eyewitnesses, gather other supporting evidence, and correctly file the claim.

Reach Out to an Experienced Attorney After a Hit and Run Accident in Forest Park

If a hit and run car accident in Forest Park has upended your life, a dedicated team of legal professionals could help you understand your legal rights and options. A skilled car wreck attorney could negotiate with the insurance companies to get you what you need to financially recover. Call today to get started.