Parking Lot Accidents in Forest Park

Vehicle collisions in parking lots are surprisingly common. Although many such accidents result in no injuries and minor property damage, there are times when parking lot crashes cause severe injury and destroy vehicles. In those cases, a local car wreck attorney with experience handling these types of claims could be helpful.

Assessing fault in parking lot accidents in Forest Park could be complicated, but that determination is critical. If someone else is at fault for your accident, you could collect damages from them to cover your losses. Having hardworking legal representation from the beginning could also make a big difference in any settlement you receive.

How Parking Lot Collisions Happen

There are several ways parking lot crashes can occur. Traffic patterns are not always intuitive in parking facilities, and lanes might not be well-marked. Lighting is sometimes poor, and some indoor parking facilities have multiple blind curves and corners. Some drivers are also not as attentive as they should be when parking.

Additionally, the presence of pedestrians in parking lots heightens the danger. A driver might not notice a pedestrian, especially a child, between or behind vehicles. Even with modern safety equipment like rear-view technology, pedestrian-involved accidents are frequent in parking lots and garages. No matter the cause for a parking lot crash, an individual should seek legal assistance right away to help ensure they protect their rights and interests.

Fault Determination is Critical in Forest Park

Georgia follows the traditional rule that the party who caused an accident is responsible for paying the damages of others who suffered losses because of it. In most cases, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is liable, up to the driver’s policy limits. An at-fault driver is also personally liable for damages that exceed their insurance coverage.

When the police investigate an accident, they usually assess the cause using all the evidence available to them at the time. Sometimes that evidence could be subject to interpretation—and it could even influence the insurance companies’ assessment of fault.

The fault system gives insurers an incentive to blame other parties, especially injured parties who are demanding a large sum in damages. Without a legal professional on their side, an injured person might find that their claims for damages are denied due to their fault, even if others had some liability. Rather than facing the fault system alone, it is crucial to have an advocate fighting on an injured person’s behalf.

Comparative Negligence Determines Damages

If more than one party had responsibility for causing a parking garage or lot accident, matters often get complicated. The Official Code of Georgia Annotated §51-12-33 prevents a party who is more than 50 percent responsible for an accident from collecting damages from other parties. Thus, insurers will fight to apportion most of the blame for a wreck on an injured party to avoid paying their damages.

Further, if an injured party is partially but not primarily responsible, they could collect damages that a court reduces by an amount that reflects their degree of responsibility. A legal professional in Forest Park could present all available evidence showing that the injured person was less culpable in the accident than others. In this way, they protect the injured person’s claim to appropriate damages.

Rely on an Attorney Familiar with Parking Lot Accidents in Forest Park

If you were injured in a parking lot accident in Forest Park, the careless driver who caused the incident is responsible for paying your damages under the law. Unfortunately, insurance companies do everything in their power to avoid paying claims, even when they are clearly fair and legitimate.

An aggressive local attorney could help ensure you get the damages your injuries merit. Call today to schedule a case review.