Rental Car Accidents in Forest Park

Getting into a car crash has its own stressors, but sustaining injuries in an accident while in a rental car can be even more overwhelming. One of the smartest things you could do if you are in this situation is to seek immediate help from a dedicated advocate who handles rental car accidents in Forest Park.

Regardless of the circumstances, an experienced car wreck attorney could advise you on the implications of the state’s fault system and how that could impact you. Skilled representation could also handle any negotiation meetings with insurance companies and other parties while pursuing a claim for damages on your behalf.

Who is Liable in a Rental Car Crash?

Georgia courts follow the traditional system of holding an at-fault driver responsible for the consequences of an accident. The driver’s insurance company with responsibility compensates others involved in the wreck for their losses up to the limits of the at-fault driver’s policy.

When a rental car is involved, things could get more complicated. Drivers of rental vehicles must have insurance. In some cases, a driver’s auto policy covers them when they are driving a rental car. Some rental car companies also offer insurance to their customers for the duration of the rental.

A savvy lawyer in the area could investigate a plaintiff’s accident to determine all potential sources of coverage. Although involving more insurers can make settling a claim more complex, it increases the pool of funds from which an injured person could draw an appropriate settlement.

Evidence in Forest Park Rental Car Accidents

Fault determines who pays for an accident, so collecting and handling the evidence of fault is critical. The police might conduct a report immediately after an accident, but it is based on the information available to the responding officers, which might be incomplete.

However, further relevant information sometimes emerges throughout a case that might influence the insurance companies’ fault assessments. It is essential that an injured driver have a legal representative at the table to present the driver’s perspective and evidence supporting their point of view.

When the Rental Car Driver is at Fault

In some cases, the rental car driver might be partially at fault for a wreck. Perhaps they were programming a GPS or just getting used to the vehicle’s handling when the accident occurred.

An individual who shares blame for an accident could still collect damages for their losses under certain circumstances. The Official Code of Georgia §51-12-33 permits partially at-fault drivers to collect some of their damages from other negligent parties. However, a partially responsible driver cannot collect damages from anyone if they bear 50 percent or more of the blame for the incident.

An experienced local attorney could investigate all possible factors that might have contributed to the crash and fight to hold all contributors liable. Doing so has the effect of reducing the client’s share of liability and protecting them from a loss of compensation.

Seek a Capable Attorney After Your Rental Car Accident in Forest Park

Car accidents are traumatic under any circumstances, but when an accident happens while you are driving a rental car, the aftermath can be too much to bear alone. Allow an attorney skilled at handling rental car accidents in Forest Park to relieve some of the pressure you might be feeling.

Swift action is often the most effective strategy. Call to speak with a dedicated lawyer at the firm as soon as possible after your rental car wreck.