Side-Impact Car Accidents in Forest Park

Vehicle accidents can lead to injury regardless of the circumstances, but some types of crashes are more dangerous than others. A side-impact collision, or T-bone accident, is one of the deadliest categories of vehicle accidents.

Whether the vehicle that hit you was a car, truck, or bus, if you were injured by a side-impact accident in Forest Park, you may need legal representation. A car wreck attorney could help you identify the negligent parties, seek compensation for your losses, and get justice for all you have suffered.

How Do T-Bone Accidents Happen?

Side-impact crashes usually happen at intersections. If one vehicle fails to yield or runs through a red light, it could collide with the side of a vehicle traveling in the perpendicular lane. Because the sides of vehicles have the least reinforcement, the damage to the vehicle that is hit—and the individual sitting on that side—is usually extensive.

To make matters worse, usually one or both of the vehicles are traveling at higher speeds when they collide, which generally results in more severe injuries. If the colliding vehicle is much larger and heavier than the car it hits, the results could even be catastrophic.

Significant Injuries Result From Side-Impact Collisions

The force of a T-bone crash can be fatal to a person sitting near the site of impact. However, people sitting on the side of the vehicle that did not get hit can still suffer severe injuries. Whiplash often results from T-bone collisions. Other injuries vehicle occupants might suffer include facial injuries from an impact with a window, steering wheel, windshield, or flying debris, and damage to the bones and joints, especially of the hips and legs. Traumatic amputations sometimes occur in severe circumstances, as well.

Catastrophic Injuries from T-bone Crashes

Internal lacerations, head injuries, and spinal cord damage are the most serious common injuries that occur in side-impact crashes. Additionally, when the vehicle that causes the impact has much larger wheels than the car it hits, the car could slide under the larger vehicle causing an “under-ride.” This action often results in extremely severe head injuries and could even be fatal.

Significant injuries often require extensive medical intervention and support for an extended period. A victim might never fully recover, and their permanent injuries could impact their ability to work and live independently. Fortunately, an aggressive local attorney could pursue the negligent parties to ensure the injured person has sufficient resources to reclaim their well-being after a devastating injury.

Call a Capable Forest Park Attorney to Pursue Your T-Bone Accident Claim

The time after a serious car accident is stressful, as you and your family must adapt to the changes your injuries have brought. It is not a time when you should be trying to negotiate a fair settlement with insurance companies whose sole motivation is to pay you as little as possible.

A seasoned car collision attorney in Forest Park could fight on your behalf as you recover from your injuries caused by the side-impact accident. Schedule a consultation as soon after your accident as possible to get the vigorous advocacy you deserve.