Taxi Accidents in Forest Park

Despite the popularity of rideshare services, many residents in Forest Park rely on taxicabs for their transportation needs, especially those without their own vehicles. When these vehicles crash, however, the accidents can cause serious injury.

If you were injured in a collision with another car or cab, you might not know who you can hold responsible for your harm. Fortunately, an experienced car wreck attorney familiar with filing claims for taxi accidents in Forest Park could help you sort out your options.

Steps to Take After a Taxi Accident

Individuals involved in a wreck with a cab, whether they were a passenger or in another involved vehicle, should assume that resolving the case could get complicated without an experienced local lawyer. However, individuals can take steps to protect their rights and gather evidence immediately after an incident.

Report the Accident

Drivers must report any accident that caused injury or significant property damage. Additionally, calling the police to the scene is a good idea, even if no one appears to be seriously injured. The police can collect evidence, take witness statements, and even assign fault to one or more parties. Any driver in a wreck with a taxi should also report the crash to their insurer as soon as possible.

Seek Medical Attention

Injured individuals should seek immediate medical attention following a taxi crash. Even an individual who is not experiencing any symptoms of injury should consult a medical professional within a day or so of the incident, as many traumatic injuries do not show symptoms until hours or even days later. Failing to get prompt medical care could give insurance companies an excuse to deny a claim.

Collect Information

An individual who is not severely injured could also benefit by taking pictures of the involved vehicles, the accident scene, and the surrounding area. A plaintiff’s attorney might be able to use the photos later to pinpoint other evidence that could be available, such as video from surveillance cameras. Further, it is essential to collect all drivers involved in the incident’s name, license number, and insurance information, especially the taxi company’s information and the cab number.

Limit Discussion

When speaking with police or other individuals at the scene, an individual should confine their remarks to reporting the facts of what happened as they experienced them. An individual should not engage in unnecessary conversation, express opinions, or answer any questions unless they are sure of the answer. It is always appropriate to wait until legal counsel is present before answering additional questions.

Potentially Liable Parties in Taxicab Crashes

If the taxi driver’s negligence was a factor in the accident, they could owe damages to the injured party. However, if the driver has only the minimum insurance coverage state law requires, the policy limits might not cover all necessary losses. In this case, an experienced attorney in the area could help the injured party seek available compensation.

Many local cab companies use independent contractors to drive for them, and employers are not responsible for an independent contractor’s negligence. However, it could be possible to hold a taxi company liable for negligent hiring or inadequate training if the driver’s inexperience was a factor in the wreck.

Other parties could be liable, as well, including:

  • Vehicle owner and the repair shop;
  • Manufacturer;
  • Other drivers whose negligence had a role; and/or
  • Local government if poor road markings or traffic control measures contributed to the wreck.

Trust Your Claim to an Attorney Familiar with Taxi Accidents in Forest Park

The party responsible for a crash is also responsible for paying the losses of anyone who suffered injuries and for property damage in the accident. Do not allow a negligent taxi driver to get away with causing you harm. Seek money damages with the assistance of a capable legal professional.

A lawyer who handles cases involving taxi accidents in Forest Park could work to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a consultation with a member of the firm as soon as possible after your accident.