Teen Driving Car Accidents in Forest Park

Drivers between the ages of 16 and 19 are at a significantly higher risk of being in a fatal car crash than any other age group. In addition to causing injuries to themselves and their fellow passengers, teen driving accidents in Forest Park also inflict harm on innocent third parties.

If a teenage driver caused you to suffer severe injuries, you should meet with a car wreck attorney to see what legal options are available to you. Investigating and litigating claims involving teenage drivers are complicated because they require a compassionate treatment of the parties combined with an aggressive approach to the law.

Why Do Teenagers Cause so Many Accidents?

Teenaged drivers cause a disproportionate number of car crashes, often for the following reasons:

Teens also frequently drive or get into other cars without putting on their seat belts, making the injuries to the teen driver and the passengers much more severe. A skilled attorney could investigate the crash and help locate, gather, and secure supporting evidence that proves why the teen driver was at fault.

Who is Legally Responsible for a Teen Driving Crash?

When a teen driver is at fault for a crash, more than one party often bears legal liability.

Driver’s Insurance Company

The first place to look to recoup some of the losses suffered after a teen driver crash is the driver’s insurance company. All drivers are required by the state to carry insurance. If the teenager was uninsured, an injured individual whose car was struck by the teen’s vehicle could possibly seek recovery under their own automobile insurance liability policy.

Personal Injury Claim Against the Teen and their Parents

If the teen’s automobile insurance policy did not fully cover a claimant’s losses, the claimant could pursue a personal injury claim directly against the teen. However, most teenagers do not contain many personal assets. However, under certain limited circumstances, a claimant could pursue damages against the at-fault teenage driver’s parents.

Generally, these claims are only successful if the claimant can prove that the parents were negligent in their supervision of the teen. This often means that they knew that the teenager had a history of reckless driving and still knowingly allowed them to drive.

Third Parties

Liable parties do not have to be involved in the physical accident. For example, if another driver’s actions contributed to the crash, they could be partially responsible. If a bar or social host served alcohol to the underage driver, they could also bear legal responsibility for their negligence.

A knowledgeable local attorney in Forest Park could advise a claimant about all of the available sources of compensation and help them pursue a damages award that fully represents all of their losses after a teen driving accident.

Retain Legal Assistance Regarding Your Teen Driving Accident in Forest Park

If you suffered an injury or your family member lost their life in one of the many teen driving accidents in Forest Park, you deserve the dedicated assistance of legal representation. A knowledgeable attorney could help identify the responsible parties and hold them accountable for their wrongful actions. Contact the office today to get started.