Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Forest Park

All drivers are responsible for utilizing driving practices that keep other motorists safe. Because larger trucks have more blind spots, it is even more critical that their drivers follow the necessary safety practices. However, there are times that drivers breach this duty, which often leads to serious injury for those around them. In those cases, the injured party has the right to file legal action for compensation for their damages.

If you sustained injuries in a blind-spot wreck, consider consulting a truck wreck attorney right away to begin your petition for compensation. Experienced legal counsel who specializes in blind-spot truck accidents in Forest Park could analyze your case and advise you of your options.

Determining Liability in Blind-Spot Truck Wrecks

Proving liability in blind-spot truck accidents can be complex, as the driver, their lawyer, and their insurance company may argue the injured party was at fault. While it is the truck driver’s responsibility to check their mirrors at all times, it is also the responsibility of other motorists to remain aware while on the road.

Tractor-Trailers’ No-Zones

All motorists should avoid staying in truck drivers’ blind spots, or No-Zones, as much as possible. These areas include:

  • Directly in front of the truck;
  • Directly beside the truck on either side; and
  • Directly, and up to about 200 feet, behind the truck.

In Forest Park, any person who sustains an injury by an at-fault truck driver can pursue compensation for their damages. Importantly, however, if a collision took place while a driver was in a truck’s blind spot, a court may find the driver to be partially responsible under contributory negligence law. Skilled representation could assist an injured party by investigating their case and providing evidence to the court that shows they are not to blame for the accident.

Contributory Negligence Law in Forest Park

Contributory negligence allows the injured party in truck wrecks to recover damages from the person responsible for causing the crash. Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 51-12-33 indicates that an injured party can seek damages for injuries and property damage even if they were partially at fault as long as they are not more than 50 percent responsible for the accident. When calculating damages, the court will reduce the amount the at-fault party owes to the plaintiff by the amount that they are liable for the accident.

Additionally, if a court finds that both parties are equally at fault, the plaintiff would not be eligible to collect compensation for damages following a truck wreck. An experienced local attorney could fight on an individual’s behalf to show the other driver was more at fault to help avoid any unnecessary loss of compensation.

Call an Attorney Familiar with Blind-Spot Truck Accidents in Forest Park

A lawyer knowledgeable in blind-spot truck accidents in Forest Park could investigate your accident to help prove the truck driver was primarily liable for the crash. Commercial truck drivers receive the necessary training to check for all blind spots and should do everything necessary to keep other motorists as safe as possible. When they fail at doing so, you deserve to collect compensation from them for what was taken from you.

An attorney could help you pursue the compensation you deserve for the total cost of your injuries, pain, and suffering. Call our firm today to get started.