Distracted Driving Truck Accidents in Forest Park

Distracted driving is a significant cause of motor vehicle crashes, but it is especially hazardous when the preoccupied driver is operating a large truck. These drivers are operating massive vehicles with heavy cargo, and accidents with smaller commuter vehicles are almost always catastrophic, if not fatal. There are many forms of distracted driving, and all of them can do serious harm to innocent drivers out on the road.

If you sustained injuries in a distracted driving truck accident in Forest Park, a compassionate and experienced attorney could be of assistance. Truck drivers who operate vehicles while distracted can cause lifelong harm, and you deserve to hold them accountable for choosing to do so. A truck wreck attorney could thoroughly investigate your case and help you fight for the justice you are entitled to.

The Danger of Using Handheld Devices While Driving

Federal and state governments recognize truck drivers who use handheld devices as a hazard that continues to increase the rate of accidents. Consequently, drivers face severe penalties on a state and federal level if law enforcement catches them driving while using these devices. This is because something as simple as reaching over to answer the phone could cause the driver to lose complete control of the vehicle and cause a devastating accident on a major highway. If an individual sustained injuries because a preoccupied truck driver was using a handheld device, an experienced local lawyer could fight on their behalf to get the compensation they deserve from that driver, their employer, and any other liable parties.

Forest Park Distracted Driving Regulations

Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-6-241 states that a truck driver must exercise their duty of care when operating the vehicle on highways, and they must not engage in any actions that would distract them from driving safely. If any driver in the state violates this law, they face steep fines, charges for operating a motor vehicle while distracted, and face the potential for civil liability if they caused any injuries while committing the offense.

The only exceptions to this state law are the proper use of a citizen band radio, radio, hands-free mobile telephone, or amateur or ham radio. Any individual who sustained injuries because a truck driver did not comply with state code should contact a lawyer in the area who is experienced in distracted driving truck collisions.

An Attorney Can Help You File a Claim After a Distracted Driving Truck Accident in Forest Park

Truck wrecks that were caused by a trucker’s negligence can lead to devastating physical and emotional harm. Fortunately, dedicated legal representation could help you thoroughly investigate the accident to find any evidence of the truck driver’s fault. The investigation is critical in the case’s outcome and for the best potential damage recovery.

A lawyer skilled in distracted driving truck accidents in Forest Park could appropriately handle the legal action and work with the employer’s insurance company on your behalf. If a negligent, distracted commercial truck driver injured you or someone you love, call today to get working on your claim.