Jackknife Truck Accidents in Forest Park

When the cab of a semi and its trailer fold in on itself to the point that the vehicle separates, it is considered a jackknife crash. When these crashes happen on a highway at high speeds and another car becomes trapped, the results can be devastating for everyone involved. Often, jackknife truck accidents in Forest Park result in dire injuries and even fatalities in the worst cases.

In these types of accidents, the injured party may find themselves with significant, life-changing, and costly injuries. If the actions of a negligent trucker caused your harm, contact an experienced tractor-trailer wreck attorney right away.

Causes of Jackknife Truck Wrecks

Jackknife collisions typically occur when the truck driver suddenly brakes. In some accidents, the substantial weight in the trailer causes the momentum to swing from side to side, which eventually causes the truck to jackknife. Other factors that could lead to a jackknife collision include:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Overweight or additional improper cargo loading;
  • Speeding;
  • Aggressive or reckless driving;
  • Inexperienced or undertrained drivers;
  • Curvy roads;
  • Improper braking; and/or
  • Black ice or wet roads.

Sometimes when accidents occur, it is not due to anyone’s fault, but in others, the truck driver is responsible. An attorney experienced in semi-truck jackknife accidents could help analyze the accident to find the cause and the responsible party.

Finding Fault in Forest Park Accidents

Proving liability in jackknife accidents can be difficult because it takes a great deal of investigation to find the cause of the crash. Because the injuries are usually severe, the trucking company and their insurance company vigorously try to prove the injured party was to blame for the accident rather than the trucker to avoid a large payout. Therefore, the injured party should consult representation who has experience in these claims to divert the fault on the parties who caused the injured party’s harm.

Driving Unsafe or Improperly Equipped Trucks

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-8-7 indicates that it is against state law for any person to operate any vehicle, semitrailer, or trailer if it is not in good working order or in safe mechanical condition. The vehicle must not endanger other occupants or any other person on the roads or highways.

If law enforcement finds a person is operating a motor vehicle that does not meet safety requirements, the motorist may be subject to a misdemeanor offense. A hardworking attorney could review the details of the wreck to determine if any faulty equipment played a part in the accident.

Call an Attorney Experienced in Jackknife Truck Accidents in Forest Park

Sustaining injuries in a catastrophic jackknife commercial truck collision can cause lifelong injury. The commercial truck driver has their employer and insurance companies on their side who go to great lengths to avoid paying the full amount they owe for damages.

However, having an attorney with the experience to provide you with the resources necessary to decide what is best could make all the difference. Call a lawyer knowledgeable in jackknife truck accidents in Forest Park today to discuss the details of your accident.