Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Forest Park

Side-impact, or T-Bone, truck collisions involve the front of a tractor-trailer striking the side of another vehicle. These collisions often cause severe injuries because the side of the car does not have the same level of protection as the front or rear of the automobile. Commercial trucks are also much larger and heavier vehicles than other cars out on the roads and highways. When they are in a collision with another motor vehicle, the damages can be catastrophic.

If the negligence of a commercial truck driver caused an accident and you suffered injuries, contact legal representation who is knowledgeable about side-impact truck accidents in Forest Park. Seeking recovery from trucking companies and their insurance providers requires the experience and resources that a seasoned truck wreck attorney has to help you get the justice and compensation you need and deserve.

Common Injuries in Side-Impact Accidents

While many different injuries can occur in a side-impact truck accident, specific injuries occur at a higher rate than others. Because of the damages a truck can cause when it crashes into the side of another vehicle, many of the injuries could be significant and require extended recovery times. Some injuries that are common with this type of accident include:

  • Extensive bruising;
  • Fractures and broken bones;
  • Severe injuries to the mouth, face, and hands;
  • Whiplash or other serious neck injuries;
  • Cracked skull or severe concussion; and
  • Spinal cord injuries or paralysis.

Any individual in this type of accident with a commercial truck should contact an attorney in the area right away. A claim for compensation requires plenty of time for a thorough investigation and examination of all the evidence. Further, there is a strict filing deadline that the injured party must adhere to in all personal injury cases.

State Interstate Trucking Rules and Regulations

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 40-2-140 states that when a person is in a collision with a commercial truck, they can, in some cases, directly sue the truck driver’s insurer and liability insurer. The statute permits the petition and legal action to identify the name of the trucking company’s insurance carrier.

In certain situations, the injured party can also file the lawsuit directly against the driver and the insurance carrier to receive compensation for damages. A lawyer skilled in T-Bone collisions could help an individual prepare and file this legal action.

Call an Experienced Attorney Familiar with Side-Impact Truck Accidents in Forest Park

T-Bone accidents and injury claim cases are complex, but a skilled lawyer specializing in side-impact truck accidents in Forest Park could help investigate and review the contributing factors. Experienced representation could also provide you all the pertinent information necessary to determine which route to take for damages.

If you sustained injuries in a T-Bone accident, contact our firm to discuss the details of your accident. There are unique factors for every case that involve a commercial truck that is not present with ordinary car accidents, and a member of our team is equipped to handle the case.