Gwinnett County Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Cycling is one of the more popular activities in Gwinnett County. Whether it be for fun, exercise, or competitive sport, biking is a common trend seen throughout the area. However, a careless mistake by a negligent driver could inflict devastating injuries to a person riding a bike. Luckily, there are legal options available to those who were victims of a bicycle accident.

With the help of a skilled personal injury attorney, you may be able to hold the negligent party accountable for their reckless actions and recover the compensation you fully deserve. Contact a Gwinnett County bicycle accident lawyer for assistance with determining your next steps.

When is the Deadline for Filing a Bicycle Accident Claim?

As with many other states, Georgia has time limits for a victim to bring a personal injury claim. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated Section 9-3-33, a victim has a maximum of two years beginning from the date of the underlying incident to initiate a civil claim for litigation.

Failure to file a lawsuit within this time period means that the victim would give up their option to pursue damages for their injuries, regardless of how serious or significant the injuries may be.

Someone who has been hurt in an accident could benefit from speaking with a seasoned lawyer shortly after the accident happens to discuss how a civil lawsuit works.

What is the Process for Recovering Compensation Following a Bike Accident?

This first step in the injury claims process is scheduling a consultation with an attorney after suffering an injury. A bicycle accident lawyer in Gwinnett County could meet with a victim to review the details of their case and determine if there is a claim.

If it is determined that the victim is eligible to receive compensation for their injuries, an investigation into the accident and filing of the lawsuit could be the next step. Before and after a lawsuit has been filed, settlement negotiations could be presented by the other side. If these settlement conversations do not yield an accepted settlement, litigation could follow.

Determining Negligence in a Cycling Accident

Georgia is known as an at-fault state. This means that if a negligent party was found to be liable for the accident and required to pay compensation to the plaintiff for relevant damages.

In application to cycling accidents, it is not uncommon for the driver in the accident to argue that the bicyclist was responsible for some portion of the accident. A proportional comparative fault law may also apply, Under Georgia law, if the party involved in the accident was no more than 50 percent responsible, they are still entitled to recover compensation.

It is the responsibility of a Gwinnett County bicycle accident lawyer to gather evidence and present counterclaims if the other party is claiming shared negligence.

Benefits of Hiring a Gwinnett County Bicycle Accident Attorney

An experienced Gwinnett County bicycle accident lawyer could play an important role in the development of your personal injury case. An attorney could evaluate the details of your case and determine if your circumstance yields compensation for your damages. An attorney could also act as an advocate on your behalf by navigating insurance company settlement negotiations and representing you in court. At 770-GOOD-LAW firm, we provide every client with constant communication. We are always here to answer your questions and concerns.

If you believe you could benefit from these services a skilled lawyer could provide, you should get in touch with an attorney today to get started on your case.