Gwinnett County Bus Accident Lawyer

When traveling with passengers, a bus driver has a duty of care to drive with caution and responsibility. When they fail to uphold this legal obligation, passengers can get hurt and suffer extensive property damage in a serious accident. If you were involved in a collision while on public transit, the negligent driver, or those who employ them, should be held responsible.

One of the first phone calls you make after a serious crash should be to a Gwinnett County bus accident lawyer. Because these claims can have multiple at-fault parties as well as complex legal nuances, you must seek help from a personal injury attorney with significant experience in handling such cases.

Investigating a Bus Accident

Collecting evidence may be one of the most crucial jobs of a Gwinnett County bus accident attorney when representing an injured plaintiff. In carrying out an investigation, an attorney could:

  • Review police reports and examine photographs;
  • Interview witnesses;
  • Determine the weather conditions at the time of the incident;
  • Seek guidance from accident-reconstruction specialists; and
  • Analyze medical reports with the help of medical experts.

How Could a Victim Prove Negligence in a Bus Injury Case?

A plaintiff needs to show that the opposing party created an unreasonable risk of harm that resulted in the plaintiff’s losses. Negligence in a bus wreck case may be established by demonstrating that:

  • The driver failed to operate their vehicle safely and with care;
  • The driver received inadequate training on how to operate a large vehicle carrying many passengers;
  • The bus was not in proper working order at the time the crash occurred; or
  • The crash was caused by a faulty part.

What are the Recoverable Damages in a Bus Collision Claim?

During their investigation, a Gwinnett County bus wreck lawyer can begin to determine how to value a claim based on the plaintiff’s damages. Bus accident claimants can potentially recover damages for any medical expenses they incurred, any property damages they suffered, any emotional pain they endured, as well as many other types of damages.

Medical Bills

Regardless of whether a passenger, pedestrian, or another driver sustains injuries in a bus wreck, their medical bills may be substantial. A claimant can seek compensation for hospital stays, prescription medication,  physical rehabilitation, and long-term care, if applicable.

Lost Wages

Compensation for lost wages can be sought by a plaintiff whose injuries forced them to take a leave of absence from their job. Similarly, damages for loss of earning capacity also may be available to plaintiffs are projected to earn a lower income in the future due to their injuries.

Pain and Suffering

The law defines damages for pain and suffering as sums of money designed to compensate injured parties for subjective hardships and losses such as mental distress and loss of enjoyment of life. According to state law, there is no monetary cap on the size of a pain and suffering damage award.

Speak with a Gwinnett County Bus Accident Attorney

Some injured claimants may hesitate to seek help from a Gwinnett County bus accident lawyer after they have been injured. Do not let this be you! Hiring a legal professional can impact your ability to obtain fair compensation. The attorneys at 770-GOOD-LAW promise that you will take home more money than our legal fees, so call today and schedule a case consultation.