Gwinnett County Defective Products Lawyer

Defective goods can cause serious injuries and fatalities if producers do not take the necessary steps to test their merchandise before bringing them to market. Therefore, the law of product liability concerns the responsibility of manufacturers and other parties when a good causes bodily injury to consumers.

Contacting a Gwinnett County defective products lawyer should be a top priority if you or a loved one sustained injuries from a faulty item. A case like yours may require a personal injury attorney who has a thorough understanding of the complex issues and nuances that may be inherent in product liability litigation. You deserve a lawyer who could aggressively pursue any avenues of compensation you may be entitled to under state and federal law.

Types of Defects in Products

Someone who is injured by a faulty item may file a lawsuit alleging one or more types of defects. An experienced defective products attorney in Gwinnett County could review an injured party’s case and identify if they have a valid claim based on how the unsafe item caused their losses.

What are Manufacturing Defects?

Any errors that take place during the manufacturing or assembly process can render an otherwise safe product dangerous. Companies may be strictly liable for manufacturing defects, meaning they may be responsible for compensating any injuries traceable to such deficiencies regardless of how much care they took in making their goods.

Design Defects

A design defect may render a product dangerous to use. In these cases, an attorney could investigate whether a different design, which may have prevented harm to consumers, was economically feasible. They may also analyze whether bodily injury was reasonably foreseeable to the manufacturer based on how they designed the faulty product.

Marketing Defects

How a company markets an item to the public can also form the basis of a lawsuit. Marketing defects often becomes an issue in cases where a manufacturer does not adequately warn consumers about a product’s inherently dangerous nature. Failure to provide adequate instructions is likewise a marketing defect that can lead to liability.

Who Can be Held Liable?

Although often it is the producer who may pay damages in a product liability lawsuit, injured consumers can seek damages from a variety of other parties as well. As such, any person or entity in the distribution chain – from the manufacturer to the point of sale – could potentially be a defendant in a lawsuit. Injured individuals could seek guidance from a Gwinnett County dangerous products lawyer to help build a case against the following parties.


The manufacturer of an unsafe product can range from a large, multinational corporation to a single person. Consultants, contractors, and other third parties could be made part of a claim if they played any role in making the defective item in question.


As retailers can be an essential part of the distribution chain, they may also be held liable in fault items claims. A plaintiff suing a retailer does not have to be the original purchaser of a defective product to bring a successful case.

Distributors & Wholesalers

Entities such as distributors and wholesalers are middlemen that facilitate bringing products to market. As such, an injured plaintiff can also name these groups as defendants in these lawsuits.

How a Gwinnett County Defective Products Attorney Could Help

Injuries caused by a dangerous product can be substantial, leading to mountains of medical bills and a myriad of challenges. The law of product liability is a means by which someone who has been hurt by a defective good can obtain compensation for their losses.

A Gwinnett County defective products lawyer could guide you through the legal process if you sustained injuries after using a dangerous item. Call the 770-GOOD-LAW firm to schedule a consultation and learn about our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.