Gwinnett County Dog Bite Lawyer

Being bitten by a dangerous dog can be a traumatizing experience. Such an injury can result in permanent scarring as well as serious long-term psychological suffering.

A Gwinnett County dog bite lawyer could provide valuable assistance if you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a canine attack. You should retain a skilled personal injury attorney who could maximize your chances of obtaining the compensation that can cover past and future medical expenses, lost wages, bodily disfigurement, and any other losses you sustained as a result of a dog bite incident.

The Responsible Dog Ownership Law

The Responsible Dog Ownership Law stipulates that owners who have dogs classified as dangerous or vicious must take several affirmative actions to minimize the risk of injury to humans. In accordance with this statute, owners of dangerous dogs must:

  • Purchase a certificate of registration for their dog once a year;
  • House their pet in a secure enclosure; and
  • Post warning signs notifying visitors that a dangerous dog is present on the premises.

The law may classify a dog as vicious if it punctures a person’s skin but inflicts no additional injury, or if it kills another pet. This law also defines additional precautions that pet owners must take if their dog has previously inflicted serious bodily injury. Owners of these dogs must, in addition to the steps above:

  • Have a microchip implanted in their dog; and
  • Maintain a minimum of $50,000 liability insurance to cover any costs associated with a second attack.

A vicious dog can be euthanized under state law if it inflicts harm on a human in a second instance. A skilled Gwinnett County lawyer with experience in dog bite cases could assess an injured plaintiff’s claim and determine if a pet owner could be liable for compensation if they violated this law.

Compensation for Dog Bite Injuries

Canine attack injuries can be serious, particularly as it can facilitate the spread of harmful diseases such as rabies, tetanus, and MRSA. A dog bite lawyer in Gwinnett County could review a plaintiff’s case and determine their compensatory award, depending on their circumstances.

Medical Bills

A dog-inflicted injury can produce large medical bills ranging from ambulance transport and hospitalization to prescription medication and physical therapy. Pursuing compensation for past and future medical expenses often form the cornerstone of these lawsuits.

Lost Income

Should a claimant miss work due to treatment and recuperation, they may be entitled to compensation for lost income. Compensation for loss of earning capacity can also be sought by plaintiffs whose injuries hamper their ability to earn future income.

Pain and Suffering

Being bitten by a dog can be a traumatic experience with lasting psychological consequences. Someone may develop a debilitating fear of dogs or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are those paid to a dog bite plaintiff intending to punish the owner for a particularly egregious conduct. A knowledgeable lawyer could pursue punitive damages typically under limited circumstances.

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These types of cases can be difficult to navigate without a seasoned Gwinnett County dog bite lawyer. A legal professional could determine whether you have a cause of action against the owner of a dog who attacked you or a family member.

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