Norcross Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Because of the popularity of cycling throughout Georgia, crashes are unfortunately common. While many accidents only lead to minor bruises and scrapes, collisions with vehicles and other serious wrecks often lead to severe and even life-threatening injuries.

Even when bicyclists wear protective gear, they are still much more likely to incur injuries than any motorist on the road. However, when the careless, reckless, or malicious behavior of another person causes a bicyclist harm, they might be able to pursue compensation by filing a civil lawsuit.

Therefore, if you or a loved one was injured in a cycling crash, a compassionate Norcross bicycle accident lawyer might be able to help. By working tirelessly to gather evidence and build a persuasive claim on your behalf, a dedicated and skilled attorney could allow you to focus on your recovery during this difficult time.

How Bicycle Crashes Happen

While wrecks involving bicycles can happen in any number of ways, there are common scenarios that are common in Georgia. One situation that often occurs, for example, is when a driver is attempting to turn and fails to yield to a bicyclist who has the right-of-way. This may result when a driver misjudges the speed of the cyclist or simply does not see them—causing a direct impact. Other common scenarios include:

  • A motorist who fails to stop at a red light or stop sign and proceeds through an intersection, disregarding the right-of-way
  • A driver who backs out of a driveway or parking spot without properly checking for other vehicles or a cyclist
  • A motorist who abruptly opens their car door when parked on the side of the street
  • A vehicle pulling out in front of a cyclist
  • A driver attempting to pass a bicyclist who fails to properly use their turn signal

Any of these or other incidents might lead to severe and even permanently disabling injuries to a bicyclist. However, if it can be shown that a motorist was negligent, an injured cyclist might be able to collect compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses.

Even when injuries are apparent, however, proving liability is often complex, requiring extensive knowledge of the legal system. A well-versed Norcross attorney could help to explain each step of this process and work to gather evidence to determine liability in a bicycle crash.

Steps to Take After a Cycling Incident in Norcross

While each accident is unique, there are common steps that an injured bicyclist should take following a crash that might be beneficial for their wellbeing, as well as for the preservation of a potential injury claim. These include:

  • Move off the road, if possible, and call 911 to seek medical attention
  • Make a police report to the officer on the scene
  • Take pictures of the vehicle, the bike, and the accident scene
  • Ask for the help of witnesses or bystanders, as needed
  • Get contact information and insurance policy information from the driver of the motor vehicle
  • Write down the events leading up to, during, and following a bicycle accident
  • Document any medical treatment received, as well as the bills for that treatment

By following these steps, an injured cyclist might be able to gather substantial evidence for a claim against a negligent driver. Furthermore, by retaining a Norcross bicycle wreck lawyer, a potential claimant could have help with each step of gathering documentation and building a claim.

Work with a Norcross Bicycle Accident Attorney Today

All too often, distracted, impaired, or aggressive driving can lead to a disastrous collision with a bicycle. When the negligence of a motorist or other person led to your injuries, you should not have to shoulder the subsequent costs alone.

If you were injured in a cycling crash, consider reaching out to a Norcross bicycle accident lawyer for help. By enlisting a qualified attorney, you could rest assured knowing that a legal professional is by your side. To schedule a consultation and discuss your claim, call today.