Norcross Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

Sudden and severe weather can make driving dangerous for even the most seasoned drivers. Rain, snow, and sleet can make roads slippery, while wind gusts can make it difficult for drivers to control their cars and keep them on the road. When inclement weather strikes, the risk of getting involved in a car crash increases significantly.

Just because the weather may have played a role in causing an accident does not mean that those who are hurt have no legal recourse. A seasoned lawyer could review facts of your case and find other negligent driver behavior if you were in a Norcross car accident involving bad weather. When another motorist’s misconduct on the road leads to your injuries, you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation.

Driver Liability After a Crash Involving Inclement Weather

While no person can control the weather, every driver caught on the road during inclement conditions can control how they react. When a motorist drives recklessly in bad weather, then injured parties may pursue a claim and hold that motorist responsible. Some examples of motorist behavior that may result in liability during a poor weather condition accident include:

  • Speeding or making aggressive maneuvers on icy roads
  • Talking or texting on the phone while attempting to drive
  • Having consumed illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription or over-the-counter medications
  • Continuing to drive during heavy downpours or thick fog

In Norcross, a court may find a driver who engages in these or other careless conduct liable for damages if their behavior caused or contributed to the accident, notwithstanding the bad weather conditions. This is an inquiry and determination that an experienced lawyer could help injured persons make.

How Weather Conditions May Affect a Plaintiff’s Compensation

Poor weather conditions that contribute to a car accident also may limit the amount of compensation an injured person in Norcross receives from another motorist. At trial, the court determines how much fault is attributable to various potential causes, such as the weather and driver error.

After the court determines how much compensation the plaintiff has proven as a result of the crash, the at-fault motorist may only be responsible for the portion attributable to their misconduct. For example, a motorist who is found to be only 60 percent at fault, would be responsible for paying 60 percent of the plaintiff’s compensation. The court may assign the other 40 percent to the weather, another defendant, or the claimant themselves.

The Importance of Expert Testimony

Because a car accident in inclement weather may not be the result of just one factor, it can be difficult for a court to assign fault accordingly. For this reason, an attorney may consult with an accident reconstruction expert and utilize such this individual’s knowledge at trial. A Norcross lawyer with an extensive background in handling car accident cases involving bad weather could advise plaintiffs on whether such an expert or other witnesses may be beneficial to their claims.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About Car Crashes Involving Inclement Weather in Norcross

Individuals who were involved in motor vehicle accidents caused by poor weather may have the opportunity to file a claim for damages as well. Consult with a lawyer to learn more about your legal options after a Norcross car accident involving bad weather.

Your attorney may be successful in arguing that another motorist’s behavior contributed to your accident, which may lead to a financial recovery for you. To discuss your case in further detail with one of our attorneys, schedule a consultation today.