Recoverable Damages After a Norcross Car Accident

One of the most significant concerns a person may have following a serious motor vehicle accident is how they will pay for their medical expenses moving forward. This can be a legitimate concern because individuals injured in a car wreck may face medical bills and treatment costs that far exceed the limits on their insurance policy. Additionally, they may face ongoing treatment needs and may experience a reduction in their earning potential due to effects from their injuries.

When someone’s car accident occurs because of another person’s negligent behavior, compensation may be available. Recoverable damages after a Norcross car accident may help injured plaintiffs address these and additional costs of their incident. An experienced attorney could evaluate what a claim may be worth and work to ensure that a claimant receives fair compensation.

Losses for Which a Car Accident Claimant May Recover

A majority of a plaintiff’s award may come in the form of compensatory damages. These seek to compensate an injured plaintiff for any bills, expenses, or losses that the claimant experienced as a result of their injuries. Compensatory damages may cover both economic and emotional losses.

Economic damages may include the cost of ambulance and emergency room services, prescription drugs, hospital stays, and doctor’s office visits. These also include the cost of any copays, medical assistance devices, and home healthcare services. In general, economic damages may include an quantifyable losses that can be proven using a bill, invoice, or receipt.

Noneconomic expenses for which the plaintiff may receive compensation include restitution for having to experience mental or physical pain, loss of enjoyment of life, and any embarrassment or loss of confidence related to disfiguring injuries or scarring. An attorney could determine what recoverable damages a claimant may be entitled to after a car accident in Norcross.

Compensation for Future Expenses

 Not only may claimants receive monetary damages for expenses already incurred, but they also may recover for anticipated future costs. Compensation for these expenses may be available so long as the plaintiff can present enough evidence to establish such expenditures are likely in the future and are related to the injuries they suffered in the car wreck.

The plaintiff also must establish a definitive amount of damages required to pay for these expenses. Future compensable losses may include lost future wages, additional medical treatments and therapy, and ongoing home healthcare needs. Lawyers in Norcross with knowledge of car accident lawsuits may assist plaintiffs in accumulating documentation needed to support claims for future damages.

What are Punitive Damages?

 In extreme situations when there is a need to punish the at-fault person for extremely reckless or intentionally harmful conduct, the court may award punitive damages. An award of punitive damages must be reasonable and bear some relation to the compensation already awarded to the plaintiff.

A situation that may involve additional damages would be if the defendant caused the motor vehicle collision because they were drunk or impaired by another substance. A lawyer may advise a plaintiff whether the facts of their crash warrants requesting punitive damages and, if so, in what amount.

Retain an Attorney for Help Recovering Compensation Following Norcross Car Accident

The aftermath of a serious car wreck can be overwhelming and costly. Fortunately, a dedicated attorney could help you pursue recoverable damages after a Norcross car accident. While you focus on your recovery, a lawyer could collect evidence and testimony needed to support your claim.

Additionally, hiring an attorney to assist may protect you from requesting an inadequate amount in compensation. To learn what your case may be worth, call today.