Dealing with Insurance after a Norcross Car Accident

Dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck is never easy. Addressing your medical needs, arranging for transportation, and taking time away from work could all part of the equation. However, few things are as complicated as dealing with coverage providers after an accident.

While working with your own insurance company can be complex, those challenges could become amplified when handling another driver’s carrier. Thankfully, you can get help with dealing with insurance after a Norcross car accident. An experienced attorney could assist you throughout the process of recovering compensation from your collision, which includes contacting insurance companies on your behalf.

Is There a Deadline to File an Insurance Claim After a Car Collision in Norcross?

The statute of limitations is the latest possible deadline by which someone can file a lawsuit to recover compensation for injuries they sustain in a car accident. In the state of Georgia, the statute of limitations is two years or 24 months from when the incident takes place. While it may be possible to settle a local car accident claim, if it becomes necessary to litigate the case, the injured individual will not generally be able to file suit if more than 24 months have gone by since the accident occurred.

Handling Insurance Adjusters

While some adjusters appear friendly and helpful, it is important to realize their typically their main goal is to save money. Adjusters can facilitate the payout on a coverage policy, but they are trained to limit this compensation as much as legally possible. Therefore, when it comes to adjusters for another driver’s insurance carrier, it is not uncommon for them to look for excuses to deny claims entirely.

There is no requirement for insurance adjusters to deal with someone injured in a motor vehicle accident fairly. So, these adjusters may try to downplay the strength of a claim to settle it for less than its actual value. In other cases, the company may intentionally delay a claim as much as possible.

They understand that injured parties can be in a financial bind, and therefore, may feel pressure to settle a claim for less than what it may be worth. These tactics are unfair, and against an injured party with little experience handling these claims, they can be effective. However, the good news is that drivers have the right to seek legal help from an attorney when interacting with an insurance company following a car accident in Norcross.

Is It Better to Accept a Quick Settlement from the Insurance Company?

One of the oldest and most common tactics used by insurance companies to reduce the impact on their balance sheet is to try to get injured individuals to accept a quick settlement. Sometimes, the insurance company makes an early settlement offer when the injured individual has barely started treatment and is not necessarily fully aware of the full costs of their injury. Often, the insurance company’s first settlement offer will be way less than what the claimant is owed. As such, it is highly advisable to work with a lawyer who could work to negotiate a settlement once the individual has completed treatment that reflects all of their damages.

Insurance Companies and Preferred Providers

Under state law, coverage providers may not dictate the insuree’s choice of body shop after an accident, even if the insurance provider is picking up the tab. In fact, it is unlawful for an adjuster even to imply that a person’s choice of body shop could negatively impact their claim.

While it is illegal for insurance companies to steer individuals to specific businesses, the fact remains that every carrier has “preferred providers” that they would like their customers to use. While the adjusters may not pressure or threaten individuals into using a preferred provider, they may try to subtly push it as the best option.

As a result, they may suggest that independent auto repair centers are slower, or that they may not handle a claim quickly. An insurance provider may be more concerned with the discount they stand to get if an individual goes with the preferred provider, however. In some cases, adjusters may become aggressive in their efforts to sway a claimant toward a preferred provider. These efforts can be far less likely to occur when an attorney is handling an insurance claim after a car wreck in Norcross.

Get Help Handling Insurance Companies After a Car Crash in Norcross from an Attorney

The assistance of an attorney when dealing with insurance after a Norcross car accident can be invaluable. Our lawyers could serve as your advocate, and their involvement signals to the insurance company that you cannot be pushed around.

While the coverage providers can make the claims process unpleasant, the right legal counsel could bring about a positive outcome. For assistance with your insurance claim, call today.