Expert Witnesses in Norcross Car Accident Cases

When you are involved in an automobile crash lawsuit, several strategies can be used during the trial to persuade the jury to decide in favor of your claim. One such approach is to use expert witnesses. Therefore, if you are hurt from an accident and considering filing a lawsuit, you should discuss the use of expert witnesses in Norcross car accident cases with a local car wreck attorney.

What is an Expert Witness?

During a personal injury case, there are typically two types of witnesses who may assist the plaintiff in their action, either an on-the-scene or an expert witness. Official Code of Georgia Annotated §24-7-702 defines an expert witness as a person with scientific, technical, or some other specialized knowledge who help the judge or jury understand a particular piece of evidence or an ultimate fact in issue. Because this expert was not an actual on-site witness to the accident, their testimony consists of their opinion, which they are making in their professional capacity.

In Norcross car crash cases, expert witnesses generally will be permitted to testify to their opinion so long as:

  • The view is based on facts or data
  • It is the product of reliable principles and methods
  • The witness has applied these principles and techniques, to which they are now testifying, reliably to the facts of the case

Types of Specialists in Car Wreck Cases

There are several different situations in which the plaintiff in a Norcross car crash case could call on specialized witnesses. Accident reconstruction experts are commonly used in these cases. These individuals have experience in recreating and rebuilding the chain of events that led up to a crash. As a result, they may be able to create a link between the accident and injuries sustained.

Highway safety specialists frequently testify as well. These people testify about the condition of the road or vehicles involved in the incident.

Attorneys may bring in medical professionals to review the plaintiff’s injuries and give their opinion about the type of treatment they may need. Additionally, mental health experts could testify to whether an injury adversely affected the plaintiff’s quality of life and emotional well-being.

Finally, a lawyer may use an economist to discuss a plaintiff’s employment needs and any lost wages. A plaintiff considering bringing a lawsuit should discuss the specifics of their case with their attorney, who can further discuss how an expert witness could help the plaintiff build a stronger car accident case.

Retain a Norcross Attorney to Learn More about Expert Witnesses in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

Whether employed to discuss the medical complications, financial losses, or reconstruct the accident, an expert witness can help the jury understand your case better and thereby help you achieve a favorable resolution to your claim. However, building a strong case using these specialists can be difficult without a skilled lawyer. If you want to learn more about using expert witnesses in Norcross car accident cases, schedule a claim consultation with our team today.