Filing a Car Accident Claim in Norcross

Filing a car accident claim in Norcross is the first step toward obtaining financial compensation for those hurt in wrecks. Once an injured person files their complaint in the appropriate court, the defendants identified may respond to the allegations, attempt to settle the matter, or let the legal process continue. Before a potential claimant files their claim, though, plaintiffs should try to complete specific steps. A skilled attorney could help an injured person through these difficult steps and work to ensure they receive fair compensation.

What is a Complaint in Norcross?

The complaint is the plaintiff’s initial document that commences a lawsuit. The complaint should contain a recitation of facts that, if true, would entitle the plaintiff to compensation. The plaintiff should also ensure that they can find evidence and witnesses who support these facts before filing their motor vehicle accident complaint.

A thorough investigation also may reveal witnesses or evidence that do not support the plaintiff’s contentions. Therefore, by conducting a complete investigation of their case with an experienced attorney, they may be able to prepare their case accordingly.

Official Code of Georgia Annotated §9-11-8 does not require plaintiffs to structure or format their complaints in any specific way. At a minimum, complaints should contain facts demonstrating the appropriate court to hear the claim as well as concise statements describing the allegations the plaintiff is asserting against the defendants. This documentation also should include a brief recitation of facts supporting the car accident, and it should set forth the types and amount of compensation the plaintiff is seeking.

When and Where to File a Claim for a Motor Vehicle Wreck

O.C.G.A §9-3-33 establishes the statute of limitations for personal injury cases. It requires that plaintiffs file their car accident claims within two years of the date of the crash, in most cases. The court may strictly enforce this deadline, and if a plaintiff files their claim after this deadline, the court may dismiss their case.

Plaintiffs also may need to determine the appropriate court in which to file their claim. The superior court in the county in which a defendant resides or the car wreck occurred is the correct place for a claimant to file. If the accident happened in Norcross or the defendant lives in this city, an injured party should file their car wreck claim in the Gwinnett County Superior Court.

Who Files a Complaint for a Car Wreck?

Once a plaintiff in Norcross is ready to file their complaint for their car accident, their attorney may submit the document electronically. If a plaintiff is representing themselves, then they may submit the complaint to the clerk’s office in Gwinnett County Superior Court. The submission of multiple copies, along with a request for service and a filing fee, also may be required at this point in the process.

Contact a Norcross Attorney for Help Filing a Car Crash Claim

Once a plaintiff has successfully filed their complaint, the defendants named in the complaint will be served and allowed to respond to the complaint. The lawsuit will then generally proceed through the stages of discovery, pretrial, and trial.

Filing a car accident claim in Norcross may seem like an intimidating task, but help from a knowledgeable and qualified attorney may help simplify and expedite the process. For help submitting your case, schedule a consultation with one of our dedicated lawyers.