Getting a Rental Car After an Accident in Norcross

Many challenges follow a car wreck. Individuals injured in an accident must deal with the injuries they sustained, which can lead to months of medical treatment. In addition to bodily injuries, some individuals also may have to address the damage to their vehicle.

Whether a car is damaged or is a total loss, a driver could be without their vehicle for some time. When this occurs, getting a rental car after an accident in Norcross can be the next challenge.

While obtaining a rental car can be easy if you are willing to pay for it, there are often various insurance policies that may provide you with rental coverage. However, getting a coverage provider to pay for the rental car is not always as simple as it sounds. Fortunately, a seasoned attorney could deal with these challenges on your behalf.

Obtaining a Car Under the Claimant’s Policy

In Norcross, getting a rental car following a crash can be easy if the driver has the appropriate coverage. However, this type of policy is an optional type of insurance available to most drivers.

Whether or not the injured party’s policy covers rental car costs determines how challenging it could be to obtain a temporary vehicle. If a driver’s policy does not cover rental costs, their insurance provider has no responsibility to pay for those costs.

However, even policies that cover car rental are subject to limitations. It is important to read through the insurance policy before incurring any rental car bills because the carrier may not pay the full amount. Some policies set a daily rental limit that is between $25 and $30. Any amount spent above this limit is the responsibility of the claimant.

Additionally, most policies limit the total days of car rental they cover, and some insurance adjusters have leeway in how many days they authorize. Therefore, while a policy may have a maximum allowance of 30 days, a coverage provider typically empowers the adjuster to limit this further. Unless the adjuster agrees to allow additional days of rental, the driver could be forced to pay out of pocket for the additional rental bill.

Getting a Rental Motor Vehicle with the At-Fault Driver’s Policy

A driver may still be in luck even if their policy does not cover rentals. In Norcross, if a driver’s vehicle sustains damage in an accident due to another person’s negligence, they could file a car rental claim with the negligent motorist’s carrier. Some liability insurance policies provide for car rental during the repair or replacement of a vehicle damaged by their insuree.

An injured driver may need to take steps to obtain these payments. This process begins with opening a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider. This can be risky, however, as any communication with the insurance company could be used against them if they ultimately dispute this person’s claim. Therefore, it is important to speak with an attorney about these and other legal matters.

Seek Help Obtaining a Rental Motor Vehicle Following an Accident in Norcross

One of the major benefits of working with an attorney to obtain a rental motor vehicle is that they can deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company on your behalf. However, there are many more benefits of working with legal counsel than this. Not only could an attorney help you with getting a rental car after an accident in Norcross, but they could also protect your claim during the legal process.