Norcross Head-On Car Accident Lawyer

Head-on collisions occur when a reckless driver strikes the front end of another vehicle. Because of the high rate of speed at which both vehicles are traveling at the time of the collision, these accidents have the potential to cause serious if not fatal injuries.

If you or a loved one has sustained significant losses as a result of another driver’s negligence, you should speak with a dedicated car accident attorney to hold this person accountable. A Norcross head-on car accident lawyer could work with you throughout the claims process and fight for fair compensation.

Causes of Front-End Car Wrecks

Head-on collisions may occur when a driver crosses over the center line into oncoming traffic. In these situations, a reckless motorist may be drunk, impaired by drugs, or may have fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Another possible cause of a front-end car accident is when a driver does not pay attention to signage and accidentally travels the wrong direction down a one-way street or makes an improper turn in an intersection. An attorney could investigate the cause of a head-on car collision in Norcross and determine how to build a case based on the driver’s reckless actions.

Proving Fault After Head-on Car Crashes

As in any claim for damages following a personal injury, the plaintiff bears the burden of proving the defendant’s fault in head-on collision cases. This involves demonstrating that a defendant was negligent and that their negligence caused injuries.

Perhaps the simplest way to prove negligence is by showing that a defendant violated a rule of the road that led to a collision. Crossing over the centerline, going the wrong way down a one-way street, or moving forward out of a parking spot are all examples of this dynamic. In other cases, determining fault for the collision is more nuanced, and parties may need to hire an accident reconstructionist to evaluate the incident.

What Damages Could a Person Recover in a Head-On Accident Claim?

Head-on accidents can inflict serious injuries on any motorist involved because of the force of impact that occurs when two moving vehicles collide. These car wrecks may result in broken bones, separated joints, head trauma, or injuries to the spinal cord. Depending on the severity and permanence of a plaintiff’s injuries, they may be entitled to compensation for their current and future losses.

Economic damages may include emergency care expenses, surgery, rehabilitation, and lost wages from time off of work. Also, if a claimant’s car was damaged or destroyed as a result of an accident, they may be able to pursue payments for repair or replacement costs.

In addition to suffering monetary losses, some plaintiffs also sustain emotional trauma for which they may be able to claim damages. Some forms of mental trauma that a claimant may suffer following a head-on car wreck include PTSD and loss of enjoyment of life. An experienced lawyer in Norcross could help an injured party evaluate the full extent of their losses and demand appropriate compensation following a head-on car wreck.

Is there a Deadline to File a Claim in Norcross?

There is no doubt that a head-on collision can cause a significant disruption in a victim’s life. It may even be obvious which party is to blame for the accident. However, as solid as a case may appear, it will still fail if a plaintiff does not act on time.

The Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33 sets the statute of limitations in accident cases at two years from the date of injury. This means that if a plaintiff does not file a case in court within two years of the date of the accident, their case will fail. This applies equally to cases that seek payment in court as those that are looking to collect through an insurance settlement.

Speak with a Norcross Head-On Car Accident Attorney

Front-end car accidents can have a long-lasting and devastating impact on your life. These effects may include not only physical injuries but emotional trauma as well. However, no matter how severe your losses may be, you may only receive compensation if you can prove that a negligent party was the cause of them.

A dedicated Norcross head-on car accident lawyer could help you establish the cause of your accident and pursue proper compensation by evaluating the full extent of your injuries. To learn how we can fight for you, schedule an initial case consultation.