Norcross Highway Car Accident Lawyer

The severity of injuries sustained in a car wreck often depends on the speed at which the vehicles are traveling. For example, accidents that take place at high speeds are especially likely to result in extreme and catastrophic injuries.

As a result, the physical harm and mental trauma those in highway crashes suffer demand costly treatment and care. A Norcross highway car accident lawyer could assist you in filing a claim for compensation from the people responsible for your car crash. Not only could a car wreck attorney help you recover fair compensation, they also could protect your rights while you focus on recovery.

When Can Someone File a Claim for a Highway Car Wreck?

 A person who suffers harm in a crash on a highway may be eligible to file a lawsuit and seek compensation when the collision and resulting injuries were the consequence of another person’s negligence. A person is negligent when they do something that a reasonable person would not do under the same circumstances. Negligent behaviors may include:

  • Driving faster than permitted by law
  • Failing to slow down for road construction, stalled vehicles, or traffic jams
  • Driving while texting or while using an electronic device
  • Making sudden lane changes or unexpected changes in speed

If the evidence available after a car crash can establish that a driver’s carelessness is the main contributing factor to the crash and a person’s injuries, then that driver could be liable. Then, as a result, the court may order this negligent motorist to pay compensation to those injured in the wreck. An experienced lawyer in Norcross could review an individual’s interstate car wreck accident case and determine if they have a viable claim.

Losses for Which Someone May Receive Compensation

A car accident on the interstate or highway may require an injured plaintiff to obtain emergency medical care, and there may be additional follow-up treatment that this person needs to treat their injuries adequately. Rehabilitative and occupational therapy, as well as other therapeutic services, also may be necessary. These are just a few of the expenses that an injured party may receive compensation for through a successful lawsuit.

Other compensable expenditures may include wages that the plaintiff could not earn because they needed to attend doctors’ appointments or were not physically capable of working. Also, a plaintiff may be able to obtain restitution for the cost of receiving mental health treatment for conditions such as depression and anxiety following a serious collision.

Noneconomic Damages

A claimant also may suffer noneconomic losses, such as the loss of the ability to participate in life activities. These losses are compensable as well, provided that the plaintiff can prove that there is an amount that can adequately compensate them for such a loss.

Highway accidents typically result in injuries that require future or long-term care. Therefore, plaintiffs may pursue compensation for the harm they suffered in the car wreck, as well as future injuries, expenses, and losses they might experience.

For example, if an injured party needs multiple surgeries to recover fully, this person’s claim may include the costs of these future operations. Similarly, a plaintiff with conditions that keep them from returning to full-time employment may be successful in obtaining compensation for the wages they may have otherwise earned over their lifetime. An attorney in Norcross could evaluate what a highway car collision case may be worth.

Seek Advice from a Norcross Highway Car Accident Attorney

When a wreck on the interstate leaves you with significant injuries, speak with a Norcross highway car accident lawyer about your ability to file a claim, and pursue compensation. With your attorney’s assistance, you may be successful in obtaining financial damages to assist in paying for your medical and other needs. Schedule a case consultation when you are ready to start building your claim.