Norcross Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Every driver in Georgia is required to stop at the scene of a collision and provide information such as name, address, registration number of the vehicle and, if requested, their driver’s license number. A hit and run accident occurs when the alleged at-fault driver leaves the scene of the accident without identifying themselves. In some instances, a hit and run accident must be corroborated with some other evidence other than the injured victim making the claim, in order to invoke the uninsured coverage portion of one’s insurance. If a hit and run driver injured you, a skilled car accident attorney could help. Let an experienced Norcross hit and run accident lawyer fight for your right to compensation.

What to Do Following a Hit and Run Collision

First, if possible, record the tag number and a description of the vehicle so that the vehicle and its driver can be tracked down. It is also critical to contact a Norcross hit-and-run accident attorney a soon as possible to learn what rights car wreck victims have, what kind of insurance may be available, and how to go about repairing the vehicle.

A law firm can also help find the car quickly. Often, in a hit and run collision, the hit and run driver vehicle is damaged and is abandoned 500 yards or 1,000 yards down the road. It is critical for someone who has been in a hit-and-run accident contact the police immediately. Norcross law enforcement may be able to chase down the hit and run driver and hold them liable for the damage they caused.

Insurance Considerations After a Hit and Run

The most significant difference between a hit-and-run accident and other car accident cases in which the insurance company pays for the damages caused by the accident. In a typical situation that does not involve a hit and run, the at-fault party’s liability insurance will cover the loss. With a hit and run case, the injured individual’s insurance coverage will cover the damage, but only if the policyholder possesses uninsured coverage. Uninsured coverage in Georgia covers the damages of the insured policyholder for events like hit and runs. In Georgia, all insurance policies include uninsured coverage unless the policyholder officially declines such coverage in writing.

If the car accident victim has uninsured coverage, a hit-and-run case would be covered under that policy. For most uninsured cover, there is a deductible for getting the vehicle repaired. Typically, that deductible is half of the collision cost. Any bodily injury claim would also be covered under the uninsured motorist bodily injury policy. The minimum policy limits in Georgia are $25,000 per person and $50,000 per incident. For more information about recovering damages following a car crash, contact a seasoned lawyer.

Contact a Norcross Hit and Run Accident Attorney

The most important thing that an attorney can do in a hit-and-run case is to determine if the injured individual holds uninsured coverage. In Georgia, a policyholder must reject uninsured coverage in writing. Often, even if the car accident victim shows a declaration page with no coverage for uninsured, a lawyer may force the insurance company to provide uninsured coverage because the insurance company cannot provide a written rejection of uninsured coverage.

Contact a Norcross hit and run accident lawyer to help you navigate the legal process after a collision. An experienced attorney could help you recover damages if you were injured in a wreck caused by a negligent driver.