Length of a Norcross Car Accident Case

The mental and physical trauma that follows a severe car wreck can be devastating for most individuals. This trauma can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life as well as their ability to maintain employment. These consequences may combine to create significant financial hardship.

Thankfully, an experienced attorney could assist an injured person with preparing and filing a lawsuit against the responsible party. Through this lawsuit, a claimant could obtain compensation for their physical and emotional wounds.

Lawsuits are notoriously lengthy, and the process can seem foreign to anyone that has never experienced litigation. Understanding the potential length of a Norcross car accident case starts by considering the timeline of a standard car crash claim.

Timeline of a Car Wreck Lawsuit

There is a common pattern to which most car accident claims adhere. First, it is important to note that attorneys rarely file a lawsuit the moment an individual hires them. Car accidents require significant investigation, and this process takes time.

Other steps occur before the filing of a lawsuit, as well. Typically, a plaintiff sends the defendant a demand letter that establishes why an individual is suing them and why they deserve compensation. A demand letter also may include an amount the plaintiff is willing to settle for. Some parties may resolve a claim at this stage. When that does not happen, however, the next step is to file a lawsuit.

Once a plaintiff files a lawsuit, all involved parties typically engage in discovery. The discovery process allows all parties to investigate the claims and review the evidence the other side intends to use at trial. It is common for cases to settle after the discovery phase ends.

While some claimants may be able to resolve their lawsuit through negotiations, others inevitably result in a trial. In Norcross, the length of a motor vehicle accident case that goes trial depends on the number of parties involved and the severity of the collision. While some trials wrap up in an afternoon, others can last for weeks.

Unique Aspects of Every Case

The most important thing to take into account is that no two claims are the same. Some cases result in a settlement after a matter of days, while others may drag on for over a year before the court sets a trial date. Cases also may take longer if there are contested legal issues that the court must decide. These problems can lead some judges to consider a case for weeks or months before making a ruling. The amount of compensation a plaintiff requires to recover also may play a role.

In general, it is not uncommon for contested car accident claims to take more than a year to resolve. However, only a careful case review by an attorney can provide a real understanding how long a car wreck case in Norcross may take to resolve.

Discuss the Length of a Norcross Car Accident Case with a Legal Professional

To avoid delays in recovering compensation after a car accident, it could be in your best interest to contact an attorney as soon as possible. Working with the right legal counsel could eliminate unnecessary delays and shorten the length of a Norcross car accident case. For help on your claim, call today.