Mistakes to Avoid After a Norcross Car Accident

Following a Norcross car accident, those injured may have legal rights. These rights may include the ability to pursue a claim for compensation against any at-fault driver. These rights are not absolute, however. Actions that an injured plaintiff takes or fails to take may impact the amount of compensation a plaintiff receives – if they receive any payment at all.

There are several mistakes injured parties should avoid after a Norcross car accident. An experienced attorney could help plaintiffs take appropriate action throughout the claims process. Making the right choices and avoiding potential mistakes may increase the likelihood that a plaintiff has a successful outcome in their case.

Is it a Mistake to Accept a Settlement Early on in a Case?

One of the most common mistakes plaintiffs make following a car wreck in Norcross is accepting a settlement offer too early, and without considering the amount of compensation they may need for the future. A settlement is usually appealing to plaintiffs because such agreements promise monetary compensation with little hassle and in short order.

However, in some cases, defendants may try to provide as little compensation as possible to plaintiffs through a settlement. The result can leave an injured party short of the compensation they need to address their injuries adequately. An attorney could help a claimant by evaluating the reasonableness and fairness of a settlement offer before they accept or deny it.

Why is it Wrong to Admit Fault Following an Accident?

Unfortunately, claimants often jeopardize their cases by speaking with other parties or witnesses to the collision. Any statements made by the claimant can be used against them to limit or deny any recovery. Those injured in a car accident in Norcross should avoid apologizing or making any statement about the accident until they have first spoken with legal counsel. Statements such as these may suggest that the plaintiff bears some responsibility for causing a crash:

  • “I’m sorry, it was my fault”
  • “I was not paying attention to what I was doing”
  • “I did not see you coming”
  • “I’m sorry, I just looked away for one second”

Missing the Statute of Limitations

The state’s statute of limitations for car accident claims is only two years from the date the collision. Beginning a lawsuit requires that the petition and any applicable filing fee be presented to a court having jurisdiction to hear the plaintiff’s suit. There are few exceptions to the statute of limitations that would extend the time permitted by law. If a plaintiff attempts to file a lawsuit after the statutory deadline, the court may dismiss an injured party’s case.

Waiting too long before starting the legal recovery process also increases the risk that evidence and witnesses may become challenging to find. A plaintiff has the responsibility of producing evidence and witness testimony in support of their claim for compensation. If plaintiffs cannot find documents, reports, and photographs, or if witnesses’ testimonies are not thorough enough, it may be challenging for a claimant to recover any compensation. An attorney in Norcross could help someone avoid making the mistake of waiting too long to file a car accident claim.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More About the Mistakes to Avoid Following a Motor Vehicle Accident in Norcross

 These and other errors may keep you or your loved one from receiving the financial compensation you need after a car wreck. Speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about the mistakes to avoid after a Norcross car accident. Your legal counsel could prevent you from making serious errors that may jeopardize your case.